Definition of 1097885 Alberta Ltd

1097885 Alberta Ltd means 1097885 Alberta Ltd., the “Farmor” under this Agreement; Frontier Energy Resources Corp. means the “Farmee” under this Agreement;

Examples of 1097885 Alberta Ltd in a sentence

All technical information (drilling, seismic, geological, farm-in agreements on Confidential Agreement Lands, etc.) to be supplied by Frontier to 1097885 Alberta Ltd.
Lease Rentals owed in all Title Documents shall be shared in accordance with the working interests in the Farmout Lands and will be transacted by 1097885 Alberta Ltd.
Farmee will be responsible for lease rental payments on behalf of 1097885 Alberta Ltd.
The gross overriding royalty or working interest shall be determined as follows:for the Nisku formation: a 15% GORR times the working interest percent negotiated for the said lands and be convertible to a working interest on a 1 GORR to 3 WI basis, if so elected by 1097885 Alberta Ltd.
In the event Frontier/Angels arranges for another entity to participate in the farmin, any non-refundable benefits received shall be shared with 1097885 Alberta Ltd.