Definition of 1) “Intimate part

1) “Intimate part means the sexual organ, anus, groin, or buttocks of any person, and the breast of a female. (2) “Sexual battery” does not include the crimes defined in Section 261 or 289. (3) “Seriously disabled” means a person with severe physical or sensory disabilities. (4) “Medically incapacitated” means a person who is incapacitated as a result of prescribed sedatives, anesthesia, or other medication. (5) “Institutionalized” means a person who is located voluntarily or involuntarily in a hospital, medical treatment facility, nursing home, acute care facility, or mental hospital. (6) “Minor” means a person under 18 years of age. • Incest - Persons being within the degrees of consanguinity within which marriages are declared by law to be incestuous and void, who intermarry with each other, or who being 14 years of age or older, commit fornication or adultery with each other, are punishable by imprisonment in the state prison. • Statutory Rape -