Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement Sample Contracts

BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd – Summary English Translation of Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement Dated August 2, 2010 Parties: Bank of Nanjing Shanghai Branch (The Bank) and BCD Shanghai Micro-Electronics Limited (BCD Shanghai ME) Date: August 2, 2010 Purpose: (January 5th, 2011)

In order to secure the fulfillment by Shanghai SIM-BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SIM-BCD) of its obligations under the Maximum Credit Line Agreement (Principal Agreement), BCD Shanghai ME agrees to pledge certain real property held by it as guaranty.

Birch Branch Inc – Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement (July 2nd, 2010)
Birch Branch Inc – Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement Agricultural Bank of China (July 2nd, 2010)

Whereas the Mortgagor, of his own will, provides a mortgage of maximum amount for the creditor's rights arising from a series of business Agreements (hereinafter referred to as the Principal Agreement) by and between the Mortgagee and Henan Shuncheng Group Coal Coke Co., Ltd which are signed in accordance with Article 1 under this Agreement. Each party of this Agreement enacts this Agreement by reaching consent through consultation in accordance with the law and provision of China.

Tht Heat Transfer Technology – Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement (July 7th, 2009)
Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement (June 30th, 2009)

Important note: This Agreement is executed between the Parties in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and through discussion on the basis of equality and volition. All clauses of this Agreement reflect the true intensions of the Parties. In order to adequately preserve the lawful rights of the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee hereby advises that the clauses of this Agreement be scrutinized by the Mortgagor, with proper attention to the part in bolder print.

Wuhan General Group [China] – Agricultural Bank of China Pattern Agreement Maximum Amount Mortgage Agreement November 2004 (February 13th, 2007)

In view of the fact that the mortgagee and the debtor signed a series of liability/debt contracts (the main contracts) during the period and within the maximum balance stipulated in Article 1 of this Agreement, the mortgagor is willing to provide a mortgage guarantee for the debtor on the liability between the debtor and mortgagee according to the loan agreement. This agreement is entered by and between the parties involved via negotiation pursuant to relevant laws and regulations of PRC.