Listing Agreement Sample Contracts

Ebs Building Llc – Listing Agreement Amendment #3 (March 30th, 2004)

THIS AGREEMENT, made on November 21, 2002 between EBS Building, L.L.C. (hereinafter called OWNER), and Colliers Turley Martin Tucker (hereinafter called BROKER)

Yager Kuester Public Fund 1986 Limited Partnership – LISTING AGREEMENT OF PROPERTY FOR LEASE AND/OR SALE COLLIERS PINKARD Charlotte, North Carolina (March 26th, 2004)

This Listing Agreement of Property for Lease and/or Sale is made this 2 day of February , 2004 by and between W. C. PINKARD & CO., INC. dba COLLIERS PINKARD (Listing Agency)and YAGER/KUESTER PUBLIC FUND LIMITED PARTNERSHIP , (Seller/Landlord).