Joint Bidding Agreement Sample Contracts

Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings, Inc. – Joint Bidding Agreement (November 8th, 2012)

This JOINT BIDDING AGREEMENT (this Agreement), dated as of October 19, 2012, is entered into by and between Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC (Ocwen) and Walter Investment Management Corporation (Walter).

Geoglobal Resources Inc. – Joint Bidding Agreement (September 1st, 2010)
Dobson Communications Corporation – Joint Bidding Agreement (August 9th, 2007)

This Joint Bidding Agreement (this Agreement), dated June 29, 2007, by and between AT&T Inc. (AT&T) and Dobson Communications Corporation (Dobson) sets forth the procedures by which AT&T and Dobson shall bid jointly in the auction of the 700 MHz spectrum, which the Federal Communications Commission (the Commission or the FCC) is statutorily required to commence no later than January 28, 2008 (the Auction).