Interest Rate Swap Transaction Sample Contracts

RAAC Series 2006-SP4 Trust – Ep-Mn-Ws3d (December 21st, 2006)

SCHEDULE A With respect to calculating a Fixed Amount or Floating Amount for any Calculation Period falling within the periods set forth below, the Notional Amount shall be the amount set forth opposite the relevant period and underneath the caption Notional Amount, as follows: FROM AND INCLUDING* TO BUT EXCLUDING* NOTIONAL AMOUNT (USD) Effective Date 25-Dec-06 303,913,000.00 25-Dec-06 25-Jan-07 275,565,963.31 25-Jan-07 25-Feb-07 259,812,411.05 25-Feb-07 25-Mar-07 237,185,149.82 25-Mar-07 25-Apr-07 192,098,377.20 25-Apr-07 25-May-07 181,768,323.82