Gas Supply Agreement Sample Contracts

Commerce Energy Group, Inc – Gas Supply Agreement (October 29th, 2007)

This Gas Supply Agreement (this Agreement), dated effective as of September 1, 2006, is entered into by and between Pacific Summit Energy LLC (Pacific Summit), a Delaware limited liability company, Commerce Energy, Inc., a California corporation (Commerce Energy) and Houston Energy Services Company, L.L.C., a Texas limited liability company (HESCO).

Vanguard Natural Resources Llc Pfd. Series A – Gas Supply Agreement (April 25th, 2007)

THIS GAS SUPPLY AGREEMENT (Agreement) is made this 18th day of April 2007, by and between NAMI RESOURCES COMPANY L.L.C., a Kentucky limited liability company, herein called Buyer, and TRUST ENERGY COMPANY, LLC, a Kentucky limited liability company, herein called Supplier.

Corning Natural Gas Corp. – Gas Supply Agreement (December 12th, 2005)

This Gas Supply Agreement entered into effective this 6th day of December, 2005 ("Agreement") by and between Corning Natural Gas Corporation, a gas corporation organized under the New York State Transportation Corporations Law ("Corning" ) and KeySpan Gas East Corporation d/b/a KeySpan Energy Delivery Long Island, both of which are gas corporations organized under the New York State Transportation Corporations Law (collectively, "KeySpan") Corning and KeySpan may be referred to collectively herein as the "Parties" or individually as a "Party".

Tipperary Corp – TIPPERARY OIL & GAS (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD. (ABN 46 077 536 871) [LOGO] and ENERGEX RETAIL Pty Ltd (ABN 97 078 849 055) [LOGO] GAS SUPPLY AGREEMENT (March 24th, 2005)

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTERPRETATION 4 1.1 Definitions 4 1.2 General 6 1.3 Headings 7 1.4 Business Day 7 2 RELATIONSHIP OF THE PARTIES 8 2.1 Separate Agreement with the Sellers 8 2.2 Several Liability 8 2.3 Parties Not Released 8 2.4 Common Stream 8 3. TITLE TO CONTRACT GAS 8 4. DELIVERY 8 5. SPECIFICATIONS 8 6. QUANTITY AND PROCEDURES FOR THE SUPPLY OF CONTRACT GAS 9 6.1 Contract Quantities 9 6.2 Reduction of MDQ by Buyer 9 6.3 Reduction of MDQ by Sellers 10 6.4 Nominations 11 6.5 Make up Gas 11 6.6 Field Failure Event 12 7. FAILURE TO SUPPLY 12 8. MEASUREMENT OF VOLUMES AND REGULATION OF PRESSURES 13 9. CONTRACT PRICE 13 10. BILLING AND METHOD OF PAYMENT 14 10.1 Monthly Statement 14 10.2 Reconcil

Nui Corp – Gas Supply Agreement (May 13th, 2004)

This Gas Supply Agreement ("Gas Supply Agreement") is made and entered into this 7th day of April, 2004, by and between NUI UTILITIES, INC. ("NUIU"), a New Jersey corporation, with its principal place of business located at One Elizabethtown Plaza, Union, New Jersey, 07087 and Cinergy Marketing & Trading, LP ("Seller") with its principal place of business located at 1100 Louisiana Street, Suite 4900, Houston, TX 77002 (each sometimes referred to individually as "Party" and collectively as "Parties").

Lake Area Corn Processors Llc – Natural Gas Supply Agreement (March 30th, 2004)