Exhibit 99.2 Escrow Agreement Sample Contracts

Salient Products Corp – Escrow Agreement (August 19th, 2011)

THIS ESCROW AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made as of the 1st day of June, 2011 by and between Salient Products Corporation ("Issuer"), and Diane D. Dalmy, Attorney at Law and Escrow Agent, 8965 West Cornell Place, Lakewood, Colorado 80227

Rarus Technologies Inc – Escrow Agreement (August 19th, 2010)

Agreement dated this 23rd day of June 2010 by and between HotelPlace, Inc. (hereinafter the Company) located at 4616 Florida Street, Suite 190, San Diego, California 92116 and Gary B. Wolff (hereinafter Escrow Agent) located at 488 Madison Avenue, Suite 1100, New York, New York 10022.