Ex-10.1 Stock Purchase Agreement Sample Contracts

Ex-10.1 Stock Purchase Agreement (June 2nd, 2006)

This Stock Purchase Agreement (this Agreement) is made and entered into as of May ___, 2006 by and among (i) SFX ENTERTAINMENT, INC., a Delaware corporation (Buyer) and LIVE NATION, INC., a Delaware corporation (Buyer Parent and together with Buyer, the Buyer Group), (ii) SAMCO INVESTMENTS LTD., a Turks and Caicos company (Majority Seller), CONCERT PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL INC., a Barbados IBC corporation (Concert Productions), and CPI ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS INC., a Barbados corporation (CPI Entertainment, and together with the Majority Seller and Concert Productions, the Corporate Sellers), (iii) the other sellers identified on Exhibit A (the Other Sellers, and together with the Corporate Sellers, the Sellers), (iv) CPI ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT (2005), INC., a Delaware corporation (Content 2005), CPI ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT, (2006) INC., a Delaware corporation (Content 2006) and GRAND ENTERTAINMENT (ROW), LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (Grand ROW, and together with Content 2005 a