Escrow Agreements Sample Contracts

Second Amendment to Lock Up and Plan Support Agreement (February 9th, 2010)

Whereas, pursuant to that certain Lock Up and Plan Support Agreement (as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified through the date hereof, the Lock Up; capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Lock Up), dated as of December 18, 2009, by and between the Parties, the Parties agreed, subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein, to take, and forego from taking, certain actions in respect of the Transaction;

Challenger Energy Corp – Escrow Agreements (June 5th, 2006)

This Agreement is being entered into by the Parties under Exchange Policy 5.4 - Escrow, Vendor Consideration and Resale Restrictions (the Policy) in connection with an Amalgamation of the Issuer and Global Express Energy Inc., which was approved by the shareholders of the Issuer and Global Express Energy Inc. on November 30, 2005. The Issuer is a Tier 2 Issuer as described in Policy 2.1 - Minimum Listing Requirements.

Diguang International Development Co., Ltd. – Amendment to Stock Pledge and Escrow Agreements (January 23rd, 2004)

THIS AMENDMENT AGREEMENT (Agreement) to that certain Escrow Agreement And Stock Pledge Agreement dated as of February 28, 2003, is entered into as of January 21, 2004, by and between Online Processing, Inc., a Nevada corporation (Pledgor), the parties listed on Exhibit A hereto (the Secured Parties), Terri Wonderly (Wonderly) and Kaufman, Feiner, Yamin, Gildin & Robbins LLP (the Escrow Agent).