Amendment To The Settlement Agreement Sample Contracts

24586564.5 - 1 - Pursuant to the September 5, 2014 "Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges' Ruling Requesting Settling Parties to Adopt Modifications to Proposed Settlement Agreement" ("Ruling"), Southern California Edison Company ("SCE"), San Diego Gas & Electric Company ("SDG&E"), the Office of Ratepayer Advocates ("ORA"),1 the Utility Reform Network ("TURN"), Friends of the Earth ("FOE"), and the Coalition of California Utility Employees ("CUE") (Collectively, the "Settling Parties") Jointly Submit This Response. The Settling Parties Have Previously Explained Why the Settlement (September 22nd, 2014)
Ameritrans Capital Corporation – Amendment to the Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release (December 7th, 2012)

The parties to the Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release, effective as of October 31, 2012 (the "Original Agreement"), entered into by and among the United States Small Business Administration ("SBA") and Elk Associates Funding Corp. ("Elk") (each of the SBA and Elk is a "Party" under this Agreement, and together they constitute the "Parties"), hereby agree to amend the Original Agreement effective as of December 7, 2012, as follows:

MaTech – Amendment to the Settlement Agreement and Release (December 15th, 2008)

THIS AMENDMENT TO THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND RELEASE ("Agreement"), dated as of August 19, 2008, is by and among Material Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("MaTech") and Kreuzfeld Ltd., ("Kreuzfeld") (Kreuzfeld shall be referred to as, the "Claimant") (individually, a "Party").