Amendment To Co-Promotion Agreement Sample Contracts

Veracyte, Inc. – Letter of Agreement for Proposed Second Amendment to Co-Promotion Agreement (August 14th, 2014)
Santarus, Inc. – Amendment No. 1 to Co-Promotion Agreement (May 7th, 2008)

This Amendment No. 1 to Co-Promotion Agreement (Amendment) is entered into as of the 6th day of May, 2008, by and between C.B. Fleet Company, Incorporated, a Virginia corporation, and its subsidiary, C.B. Fleet Investment Corporation, a Delaware corporation (collectively, Fleet), and Santarus, Inc., a Delaware corporation (Santarus).

Third Amendment to Co-Promotion Agreement (October 25th, 2005)

This Third Amendment (the THIRD AMENDMENT), effective as of August 26, 2005 (the THIRD AMENDMENT EFFECTIVE DATE), is entered into by and between ABBOTT LABORATORIES, through its ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION (ABBOTT), and MEDIMMUNE, INC. (MEDIMMUNE).