Acknowledgement Of Assignment Sample Contracts

Hemiwedge Industries – Consent and Acknowledgement of Assignment and Release (July 8th, 2010)

The undersigned, HEMIWEDGE INDUSTRIES INC. (formerly called SHUMATE INDUSTRIES INC.), a Delaware corporation, SHUMATE MACHINE WORKS, INC., a Texas corporation, HEMIWEDGE VALVE CORPORATION, a Texas corporation, RUSS CLARK and MATTHEW C. FLEMMING (hereinafter collectively, the "Borrowers") consent to the terms and conditions of that certain Assignment of Note, Loan Documents and Security Interests, dated of even date herewith, by and among Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company (the "Assignor"), Eads Investments I, LLC and D. Bradley McWilliams ("Assignment Agreement") and to the consummation of the transactions described therein. The Borrowers acknowledge that the "Note" and "SNB Loan Documents," as such terms are defined in the Assignment Agreement, are binding and enforceable against the Borrowers in accordance with all stated terms, and that the Borrowers have no defenses or rights of offset against the enforcement of the Note or the SNB Loan Documents in accordance with all st

Lxs 2007-3 – Notice and Acknowledgement of Assignment of Certain Coverages Under Mgic Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Master Policy (March 15th, 2007)

In addition to the sum due pursuant to the option described above which the Company selects, the Loss payable by the Company will include the other amounts provided for under Sections 6.5 or 7.2 when such Sections are applicable. The Company will deduct from its payment of Loss such amounts as may be permitted by this Policy and the aggregate amounts of any payments of Loss which it had previously made.

Molecular Imaging Corp – Notice and Acknowledgement of Assignment (May 15th, 2003)

This will advise you that we have assigned all our interest in three (3) separate equipment leases identified as Equipment Lease No. 4125, Lease Schedules No. 4125.01, 4125.02 and 4125.03A, all dated as of April 8, 1999 (collectively, the Lease) between FINOVA Capital Corporation (Lessor or Assignor) and Molecular Imaging Corporation (formerly Mobile Pet Systems, Inc.) (Lessee), and proceeds thereof, to Ascendiant PET PartnersI, LLC (Purchaser), and Purchaser has agreed to assume such Leases.