(1) Comtech Broadband Corporation Limited (2) Comtech International (Hong Kong) Limited (3) Hong Kong JJT Limited (4) Keen Awards Limited



Our Ref: L/CCA(CP)/212/10/100073-78/F/51239

Date: 23rd April 2010


Dear Sirs,


Re:   General Banking Facilities

(1)    Comtech Broadband Corporation Limited


(2)    Comtech International (Hong Kong) Limited


(3)    Hong Kong JJT Limited


(4)    Keen Awards Limited




We are pleased to confirm that the following banking facilities relating to guarantee(s) provided by you in favour of us were made available to the above Borrowers as at 23rd April 2010:


Facility(ies)   Amount  
Overdraft   USD1,000,000.00  

n    Facility Utilized by all the Borrowers.

Trade Facilities   USD30,000,000.00  

n    Facility utilized by all the Borrowers.

n    The aggregate outstanding of the Facility utilized by Borrower 3 shall not exceed

The facts above are given as at 23rd April 2010 without any responsibility or liability whatsoever on the part of the Bank or its officials for or in respect of any of such facts or any defect in or omission from such facts.

Yours faithfully,

For Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited





Authorized Signature(s)

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