Maximum Mortgage Contract

Maximum Mortgage Contract


Summary Translation Exhibit 4.65


  Maximum Mortgage Contract


Contract No.: 2013JIYINZUIQUANZHIZIDI13140824


Mortgagor: Ganglian Finance Leasing Co., Ltd


Mortgagee : CITIC Shijiazhuang Branch


Signing Date : September 2, 2013


Mortgage Definition:   To ensure multiple loans Party B (Pledgee) has lent to Hebei Xuhua Trading Co., Ltd., Party A (Pledgor) is willing to provide the Maximum Pledge Guarantee hereunder for Party B.


Maximum Amount: RMB120, 000,000


Mortgage Term : September 2, 2013 to February 16, 2015


Collateral: The assets account receivable Party A mortgages to Party B as Collateral are listed in Maximum Mortgage Contract (No.2013JIYINZUIQUANZHIZIDI13140824-01). The appraised value of the Collateral is RMB 1,426,744,639.05