Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement

                                                                    Exhibit 10.5

                             SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT
                             AMERICAN OIL & GAS INC.

                         COMMON STOCK ($.005 PER SHARE)

Persons interested in purchasing common stock of American Oil & Gas Inc. must
complete and return this Subscription Agreement along with their check, money
order or bank draft payable to: American Oil & Gas Inc. ("the Issuer" and "the

Subject only to acceptance hereof by the Issuer, in its discretion, the
undersigned hereby subscribes for the number of common shares and at the
aggregate subscription price set forth below.

An accepted copy of this Agreement will be returned to the Subscriber as a
receipt, and the physical stock certificate will be delivered to each Investor
within thirty (30) days of the Close of this Offering.

     SECURITIES OFFERED - The Company is offering a total of 10,000,000 shares
of its common stock (par value $.001 per share) at a price of $.005 per share.
There is no minimum subscription amount.

     SUBSCRIPTION - In connection with this subscription the undersigned hereby
subscribes to the number of common shares shown in the following table.

NUMBER OF COMMON SHARES = ___________________

Multiply by Price of Shares x $.005 per Share

Aggregate Subscription Price = $___________________

Check or money order shall be made payable to American Oil & Gas Inc.

In connection with this investment in the Company, I represent and warrant as

a)   Prior to tendering payment for the shares, I received a copy of and read
     your prospectus dated ______________, 201___.

b)   I am a bona fide resident of the state of ________________________________
     or ______ a non-US resident.

c)   The Issuer and the other purchasers are relying on the truth and accuracy
     of the declarations, representations and warranties herein made by the
     undersigned. Accordingly, the foregoing representations and warranties and
     undertakings are made by the undersigned with the intent that they may be
     relied upon in determining his/her suitability as a purchaser. Investor
     agrees that such representations and warranties shall survive the
     acceptance of Investor as a purchaser.
Please register the Shares, which I am purchasing in the following name(s):


As (check one)

__Individual          __Tenants in Common                 __Existing Partnership
__Joint Tenants       __Corporation                       __Trust
__IRA                 __Minor with adult custodian
                        under the Uniform Gift to
                        Minors Act

For the person(s) who will be registered shareholder(s):

--------------------------------                --------------------------------
Signature of Subscriber                         Signature of Co-Subscriber

--------------------------------                --------------------------------
Name of Subscriber (Printed)                    Name of Co-Subscriber (Printed)

--------------------------------                --------------------------------
Address                                         Address of Co-Subscriber

--------------------------------                --------------------------------
Address                                         Address of Co-Subscriber

ACCEPTED BY:  American Oil & Gas Inc., a Nevada Corporation

By:                                         Date:
  ------------------------------                --------------------------------
  Robert Gelfand, Officer