Kuhlman Company Receives Amex Compliance Notice

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Scott Kuhlman, Chief Executive Officer
Kuhlman Company, Inc.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota - January 26, 2005 - Kuhlman Company, Inc. (AMEX:KUL), a provider of European-inspired, tailored clothing for men and women, today reported that on September 26, 2006, the Company received notice from the American Stock Exchange (“AMEX”) that the Company was not in compliance with certain of AMEX’s continued listing requirements. Specifically, the Company was not in compliance with Section 1003(a)(ii) of the AMEX Company Guide, the AMEX shareholder equity requirement of shareholder’s equity of less than $4,000,000 and/or net losses in three out of four most recent fiscal years, as well as with Section 1003(a)(iv) of the AMEX Company Guide because, in the opinion of AMEX, the Company’s financial condition is impaired and it appears questionable, in the opinion of AMEX, as to whether the Company will be able to continue operations and/or meet its obligations as they mature. The Company intends to submit a plan to AMEX by October 26, 2006 advising AMEX what action it has taken, or will take, that would bring the Company into compliance. No assurance can be given that AMEX will find such plan acceptable and that The Company can maintain its AMEX listing.
About Kuhlman Company, Inc.
Kuhlman is a specialty retailer and wholesale provider of branded men's and women's apparel, through company-owned retail stores and under private labels through other large retailers. Kuhlman opened its first retail store in July 2003 and now operates 32 retail stores in 13 states. Kuhlman has approximately 140 employees and its corporate office is located in Minneapolis, MN. Additional information regarding Kuhlman and its apparel, and store locations can be found at

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our ability to hire and develop successful retail salespeople and managers
our ability to identify and develop additional wholesale relationships
our ability to compete successfully against other retailers and market our styles in a profitable manner, and
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