Executive Severance Agreement


Exhibit 10.1 ADDENDUM No. 2 TO EXECUTIVE SEVERANCE AGREEMENT ADDENDUM, dated as of June 24, 2005, to amend the Executive Severance Agreement, dated as of December 4, 1995, by and between Cognitronics Corporation, a New York corporation having offices at 3 Corporate Drive, Danbury, Connecticut 06810 and _____________________________ whose residence address is ________________________________________ (the "Executive") (the "Agreement"), as follows: Section 11 of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and a new Section 11 is added, as follows: "11. Term of Agreement. This Agreement will terminate on October 16, 2010, unless a Change in Control has occurred on or prior to such date, in which case this Agreement will continue in effect for 24 months following the Change in Control." Executive ________________________ COGNITRONICS CORPORATION _________________________ By: Brian J. Kelley Its: President