EXHIBIT 10.15 2534 N. Miami Avenue Suite 2B Miami, FL 33127 305-573-9339 305-573-9495 (fax) SITEWORKS BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT CONTRACT/PROPOSAL September 6, 2005 Kolker Residence 12683 NW 11 Place Sunrise, FL 33323 954-846-8484 Scope of Work: Furnish all labor and material to complete kitchen design as per signed drawings and sketches. o Install (2) - 3'x4' single hung windows, (1) 8'x4' (approximate size) fixed glass window on west wall of family room, (1) 20"x4' single hung window and (1) 5' x 6' French doors on north wall of family room. Shutters included o Kitchen: Elmwood - 3/4" Plywood/Frameless Cabinetry - Cabinet Line: Algonquin Door Style: Cambridge Wood Species: Maple (11) Knob Pulls Granite Countertops - $42.00 per sq. ft. allowance TV Stand o Painting Construction to meet all building code requirements. Construction includes masonry, electrical, architectural and painting. Paint to be furnished by owner and painted by Siteworks. Finishes of stucco and painting to match existing as close as possible. Specifically not included: flooring, light fixtures and decorative accessories. Proposed Contract Amount: 27,706.00 Payments as Follows: Payments to be made direct to suppliers as requested to order and receive material. At the start of the job, bi-weekly draws. Final payment due and payable upon "substantial completion" of all work under contract Acceptance of Proposal: The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment will be made as outlined. Accepted: ___________________________ Dated: __________________________ ______________________________________ Dated: __________________________ Carl M. Nurse, CEO