Employment Agreement

January 2010

Exhibit 10.16


January 2010

Gal Trifon


Dear Gal:

I am pleased to confirm the compensation approved for you by the Compensation Committee of the Board. It is effective January 1, 2010.



Monthly Salary

   LOGO     86,350

Quarterly Bonus

     $ 25,000

Commission OTE

     $ 100,000

Total 2010 Compensation

   LOGO     l,796,200

Your Commission is based on the Global Revenue target for 2010 of $80,000,000. Your commission rate is 0.125% . Should Eyeblaster exceed the revenue target your commission rate on the amount that exceeds will be 0.25%


All the best,
/s/ Maureen McGovern

Maureen McGovern

Vice President

Human Resources