Bebuzee Limited Company Number 08289019 WRITTEN RESOLUTION

by Bebuzee Ltd.
November 12th, 2015




Bebuzee Limited


Company number 08289019




Pursurant to Companies Act 2006 Section 201(1)[a]


Circulation date: September 2014


In accordance with the Companies Act 2006 Section 281(1)[a] we, the undersigned being the members of the company entitled at the date hereof to attend and vote at general meetinghs of the company, hereby confirm that the following special resolution shall for all purposes have effect as if they had been passed by the company in general meeting. Accordingly we hereby resolve:


THAT the issued share capital of 200 ordinary shares of 1.00 each be split into 300,000,000 ordinary shares of 0.000006667 pence.


Signed: /s/Joe Onyero

By: Joe Onyero

Date: 18/09/2014




Signed: /s/Paul Hedges

By: Paul Hedges

 Date:  18/9/14


Signed: /s/ Marta C. Camara Velosa

By: Marta C. Camara Velosa

Date: 29/09/14



Sajda Andleeb





Members should signify their agreement to the resolution by signing and dating above.

The resolution will lapse if not passed within 28 days of circulation