by E Prime Aerospace Corp
March 16th, 2007

EXHIBIT 10.2 Nicklous Willis Herren, Jr. SUMMARY: Areas of Expertise: 28 Years experience in the following: * Senior and Project Management in NASA Shuttle and International Space Station Programs * Payload Customer Interface and Marketing of Launch Services * Technical Specialist in Space Flight Systems Integration (Shuttle/SpaceStation programs) * Systems Lead Engineer member of Space Shuttle Lunch Team * Lead Test Conductor of Space Lab test and Launch Team * Space Flight Hardware Test Requirements, Procedures, and Verification * Shuttle, Space Station, and Expendable Flight Hardware Manufacturing/ Assembly/Test/Launch Operations * Contractor manager for the Department of Defense (DOD) security team supporting a Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars") mission * Detailed Space Station Program and Operations Budgets * On-Orbit ISS Configuration Management * Proposal and Process development for ITT Systems, Spacelift Range Systems (Eastern Test Range at PAFB/CCAFS) * Government (DOD and NASA) contract proposals EMPLOYED BY: * The Bionetics Corporation * Rockwell International * McDonnell Douglas * Boeing * SPACEHAB * ITT Industries RELATED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: * NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) * NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) * NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) * European Space Agency (ESA) * Italian Space Agency (ASI) * DOD Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI: "Star Wars") and Interim Upper Stage (IUS) booster * DOD SpaceLift Range Systems Contract (Eastern Test Range at PAFB/CCAFS) OTHER: * Security Clearance: Secret (DOD and NASA)