Conversion Agreement

Conversion Agreement

by Triple S Plastics Inc
June 4th, 2001

                                                          EXHIBIT 10.5

                            CONVERSION AGREEMENT

   Paananen, Elmar Paananen, Annamari Jukko, and Topi Paananen,
   individual residents of the Republic of Finland (each a "Finland
   Holder" and, collectively, the "Finland Holders"), Eimo Oyj, a company
   organized under the laws of the Republic of Finland ("Parent"), and
   Triple S Plastics, Inc., a Michigan corporation (the "Company") (the
   Finland Holders, the Parent, and the Company are collectively
   hereinafter referred to as the "Parties"), is made and entered into by
   and among the Parties effective as of the 25th day of May, 2001 (the
   "Effective Reinstatement Date").


        WHEREAS, effective as of July 13, 2000, the Company, the Parent,
   and Spartan Acquisition Corp., a Delaware corporation and a wholly
   owned subsidiary of the Parent (the "Merger Sub") entered into an
   Agreement and Plan of Merger, as amended by a First Amendment dated as
   of February 3, 2001 (such agreement, as amended, is hereinafter
   referred to as the "Merger Agreement");

        WHEREAS, in March of 2001, the Company, the Merger Sub, and the
   Parent terminated the Merger Agreement:

        WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of an Amended and Restated
   Agreement and Plan of Merger of even date herewith, the Company, the
   Merger Sub, and the Parent are reinstating the Merger Agreement,
   amending it in certain respects, and restating it in its entirety, as

        WHEREAS, effective as of July 13, 2000, the Conversion Agreement
   in the form of Exhibit 1.6(c) to the Merger Agreement (the "Conversion
   Agreement") was executed by the Parties; and

        WHEREAS, the Parties want to make clear and certain that the
   Conversion Agreement is also reinstated in its entirety;

        NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing
   recitals, the mutual representations, warranties, covenants, and
   agreements contained herein, and other good and valuable consideration
   (the receipt, sufficiency, and adequacy of which are hereby
   acknowledged), the Parties agree as follows:

        1.  REINSTATEMENT WITHOUT AMENDMENT.  The Conversion Agreement is
   hereby reinstated in its entirety, effective as of the Effective

   Reinstatement Date, without any amendments, changes, additions, or

        2.  CONTINUATION.  The Conversion Agreement is to continue and
   remain in full force and effect from the Effective Reinstatement Date
   until terminated in accordance with the provisions of Section 2

        3.  COUNTERPARTS; TELECOPIER.  This Agreement may be executed in
   one or more counterparts, all of which together shall be considered
   one and the same agreement.  Transmission by telecopier of an executed
   counterpart of the Agreement shall be deemed to constitute due and
   sufficient delivery of such counterpart.

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        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have caused this Reinstatement of
   the Conversion Agreement to be duly executed as of the day and year
   set forth at the beginning hereof.

                                 EIMO OYJ

                                 By:  /s/ Elmar Paananen
                                 Name:  Elmar Paananen
                                 Title: Executive Vice Chairman

                                 TRIPLE S PLASTICS, INC.

                                 By:  /s/ A. Christian Schauer
                                 Name:  A. Christian Schauer
                                 Title: Chief executive Officer

                                 FINLAND HOLDERS:

                                 /s/ Jalo Paananen
                                 Jalo Pannanen

                                 /s/ Elmar Paananen
                                 Elmar Paananen

                                 /s/ Annamari Jukko
                                 Annamari Jukko

                                 /s/ Topi Paananen
                                 Topi Paananen

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