Biogentec/Modofood S.p.A. Time sheets from December 1, 2003 to January 25, 2004 Date Attorney Re Time December 1-17 GP Review of various emails from Jorge 2,5 Tise; various conference calls with Jorge Tise; research on case brought before Court of Brescia against ModoFood; replies to emails from Jorge Tise December 19 GP Review of emails re: questions on 2,5 shareholders' liabilities, memorandum on same topic December 30 GP Research on Modofood SpA with Companies' 10 Register, review of documentation on deal sent by Mr. Radovich, memorandum on search and status of matter January 12 GP Review of emails from Mr. Tise, emails 1 to Mr. Tise, telephone conference w/Mr. Tise January 13 GP Telephone conference w/Mr. Castoldi re: 0,5 introduction of Biogentec, email to Mr. Tise, telephone conference w/Mr. Tise January 16 GP Meeting w/Mr. Castoldi, review of 4 documentation provided by Mr. Castoldi, VB search on patent registration with 4 Italian authorities, conference call w/Mr. Tise re: report on meeting w/Castoldi January 19 GP Memorandum on meeting w/Castoldi 2 January 21 GP Conference calls with Mr. Castoldi re: 1,5 information follow up, next steps, conference calls w/Mr. Tise re: report, various emails re. update Total hours Gianfranco Puopolo ("GP") 24 @ Euro 250/hour = Euro 6,000 Total hours Vicken Bayramian ("VB") 4 @ Euro 200/hour = Euro 800 Total fees = Euro 6,800