Exhibit 10.9a (PLAZA REALTY & MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. LOGO) THE HAMMONS TOWER 901 St. Louis Street, Suite 106 Springfield, Missouri 65806 (417)864-4544 Fax (417)864-4596 December 8, 2004 Mr. John Q. Hammons John Q. Hammons Hotels, Inc. 300 John Q. Hammons Parkway, Suite #900 Springfield, MO 65806 RE: LEASE RENEWAL - SUITE 800, JOHN Q. HAMMONS BUILDING Dear Mr. Hammons, Please allow this letter to serve as the Lessor's proposal to extend your Lease Agreement relating to your Leased Premises within the John Q. Hammons Building, Springfield, Missouri. As of January 1, 2005, the Lessor will extend your Lease for an additional one (1) year period under the same terms and conditions as outlined in your Lease dated December 16, 1998 and renewal dated December 18, 2001 with exception to base rental which shall be increased to $8,100.00 per month. We will also adjust your base year as it relates to increased building costs to the actual cost for 2004. Should this meet with your approval, please sign all three (3) copies of this letter and return them to my attention. Upon receiving the Lessor's approval and signature, I will return one (1) fully executed copy for your files. Sincerely, PLAZA REALTY & MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. /s/ Mark Harrell - ------------------------ Mark Harrell President LESSOR: ACCEPTED BY: /s/ John Q. Hammons DATE: 12-13-04 ----------------------------- Mr. John Q. Hammons LESSEE: ACCEPTED BY: /s/ John Q. Hammons DATE: 12-13-04 ----------------------------- Mr. John Q. Hammons