OPTION TERMS (Amended December 3, 2008)

by True North Finance Corp
March 31st, 2009



OPTION TERMS (amended December 3, 2008)
Name of Grantee:                                                                Mark Brosche
Date of Grant:                                                                June 5, 2008
Number of Shares Granted:                                                                           73,833
Exercise Price:                                                      $0.01625
Type of Option
(Qualified or Non-Qualified):                                                                           Non-Qualified

Vesting:                                                      24,611 shares vest immediately upon the date of grantabove
49,222 shares have vested on December 3, 2008


Amendment to Option Terms agreed to by Grantee:

___/s/ Mark Brosche___________________
Print Name: Mark Brosche