Consulting Agreement

Addendum to Consulting Agreement


         This addendum will supercede all agreements  between Hudson  Consulting
Group,  Inc. and TRSG  Corporation,  which will include the original  agreement,
dated October 6, 2000.

         The  Parties  agree  to the  following  modifications  to the  original
agreement and additional provisions as set forth herein:

1.   Gateway will make a $350,000 cash payment and delivery of 500,000 shares of
     the  common  stock  of  TRSG to  Hudson  in  exchange  for  control  of the
     Professional Wrestling Alliance Corporation shell.

2.   Gateway Distributors Ltd., a Nevada corporation hereby agrees to pay Hudson
     Consulting  Group,  Inc. $240.00 dollars per hour for services for all time
     spent on TRSG  Corporation  and/or Gateway  Distributors  Ltd. This will be
     paid as follows:

Common  stock  shall be  credited at 50% o the average bid price for such shares
the last five  trading  days of each  month,  up to the first  $200 of each $240
billed..  The rate will be evaluated at the close of each months billing and the
bid price of the stock at the close of business on the last five trading days of
each month will be used to calculate the number of shares to be issued.

All stock  issued  will be  evaluated  afte the 20 to 1 reverse of  Professional
Wrestling Alliance Corporation.

     $40 dollars per hour in cash will be paid by TRSG.

3.   TRSG  agrees  to  the  following  payment  schedule  as it  relates  to the

     The first  $112,000  raised  will be used to pay back the  bridge  loan for

     The next $150,000 wil be paid to Hudson Consulting towards the $350,000

     The remaining  $200,00 will be paid within 90 days from the signing of this
     agreement,  in the  event  payment  in full is not made  within  90 days an
     additional  5,000,000  shares of TRSG common  stock shall be  delivered  to
     Hudson,  such shares shall not decrease or serve as a payment in any amount
     of the remaining balance due and owing on the $350,000.

     TRSG shall deliver to Hudson  2,000,000  shares of the common stock of TRSG
     to serve as collateral  for the payment,  upon fully payment all suc shares
     shall be returned  by Hudson to TRSG,  Hudson  shall hold voting  rights to
     such shares until the debt is paid in full.

     In the event that the bid price for the shares of common stoc of TRSG shall
     decrease by more than 49% from its current  level prior to full  payment of
     the $350,000 TRSG shall issue an additional  2,000,000 shares to secure the
     payment of the $350,000

     The shares of stock will be guaranteed no to be diluted until such time the
     $350,000 payment is made in full.

4.   Rick Bailey will be assigned a position on the Board of Directors effective
     October 6, 2000.

         Accepted and agreed to this 9th day of January 2001.

 TRSG Corporation                         Hudson Consulting Group, Inc.

       /s/ Richard Bailey                      /s/ Richard Surber
 By:  ________________________            By: ______________________
         Richard Bailey, President            Richard Surber, President

 Notary: /s/ Susan McGuire           Notary:
       ---------------------                ------------------------------
         Sue McGuire

 Date:   01/09/01                            Date:
       ---------------------                ----------------------------

     [Notary Public Seal of Susan G. McGuire}