2010 Performance Goals for Ceo Short-Term Incentive Bonus

by SJW Corporation
March 5th, 2010

Exhibit 10.36




Performance Criteria


Goals and Minimum and Maximum Thresholds

   Allocation of
Target Amount ($) (1)
San Jose Water Company ROE for 2010 Fiscal Year   

Target Goal: 10.13%


Minimum Threshold: 8.63%


Maximum Goal: 11.13%

   $ 104,170
Compliance (Environmental)    Maximum Goal: Zero water quality or other environmental violations (Goal and Minimum Threshold are not applicable).    $ 26,040

San Jose Water Company

Operational Goals (2)


Target Goal: Achieve 80% of identified key water industry objectives measured primarily in terms of service, reliability and efficiency.


Minimum Threshold: Achieve 70% of identified water industry objectives.


Maximum Goal: Achieve 90% of identified key water industry objectives.

   $ 26,040


1) The target 2010 annual cash bonus amount is equal to $156,250, which is 25 percent of Mr. Roth’s base salary per his employment agreement. The actual bonus may range from 0% to 150% of the target amount based on the Committee determination of the achievement of the performance goals:



If the goal is attained, 100 percent of the allocated amount will be paid.



If only the minimum threshold is attained, then 50 percent of the allocated amount will be paid.



If the maximum goal is attained, then 150 percent of the allocated amount will be paid.



Should the actual level of attainment of any such performance goal be between two of the designated levels, then the bonus potential will be interpolated on a straight-line basis.


2) The key water industry objectives will be established by March 30, 2010.