Loan And Security Agreement

Loan and Security Agreement

                                  Exhibit 10.1

                                 AMENDMENT NO. 6
                           LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT

     Amendment No. 6 dated as of February 28, 2002 ("Amendment") to Loan and
Security Agreement originally dated as of December 28, 1999 and originally among
INC. ("IEC-Edinburg") and HSBC BANK USA, as Agent ("Agent") and HSBC BANK USA
(collectively, the "Lenders").


     1. Debtor, Agent and Lenders entered into a Loan and Security Agreement
dated as of December 28, 1999 and Amendment Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 thereto dated
as of March 30, 2000, December 1, 2000, April 24, 2001, December 21, 2001, and
February 15, 2002 respectively (collectively, the "Agreement"). On or about
January 27, 2000, IEC-Edinburg merged into IEC leaving IEC as the sole Debtor
under the Agreement. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall
have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

     2. Debtor has requested that Agent and Lenders consider extending the term
of the Agreement through March 15, 2002.

     3. In response to Debtor's request and subject to all of the terms and
conditions set forth herein, the Agent and the Lenders are willing to make
certain amendments to the Agreement as set forth below on the conditions set
forth below.

     NOW, THEREFORE, Debtor, the Agent and the Lenders for good and valuable
consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and in contemplation of
the foregoing, hereby agree as follows:

     A. Conditions. The amendments and waivers contained herein shall be granted
upon satisfaction of the following terms and conditions:

     1. Debtor shall have executed, and shall have caused IEC Electronics, S. de
R.L. de C.V. ("IEC-Mexico") and IEC Electronics Foreign Sales Corporation
("IEC-FSC") to have executed, this Amendment to indicate their consent hereto,
and four executed duplicate originals of this Agreement shall have been
delivered to Agent.

     2. Debtor shall promptly provide to Agent and the Lenders:

        (a) Copies of any and all agreements between the Debtor or any affiliate
            of Debtor ("Affiliate") and any party including any real estate
            brokers, consultants or investment bankers concerning the business
            or assets of Debtor or any Affiliate.

        (b) A copy of any judgment obtained by Debtor against Acterna
            Corporation arising from a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court,
            and, if requested by Agent, an assignment of such judgment, in favor
            of the Agent for the benefit of the Lenders, in form and content
            acceptable to counsel to the Agent.

        (c) Upon receipt thereof, a copy of any purchase offer for the sale of
            any real estate of Debtor or any Affiliate, and if requested by
            Agent, an assignment, in favor of the Agent for the benefit of the
            Lenders, of the proceeds of any accepted purchase offer.

        (d) A copy of any leases and guaranties entered into by Debtor,
            IEC-Edinburgh or IEC-Mexico with respect to the facility of IEC-
            Mexico located in Mexico.

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     3. Debtor's continuing agreement, evidenced by Debtor's signature on this
Amendment, that Debtor will: (i) cooperate with Getzler & Company, Inc.
("Getzler") so that Getzler may review Debtor's business and business plan in
order to report thereon to Agent's counsel and the Lenders; (ii) permit Getzler
to access Debtor's places of business and its books and records in order to
complete such review and report; (iii) reimburse the Agent or its counsel, upon
demand, for the cost and expenses of Getzler; and (iv) promptly advise in
writing any professionals engaged by Debtor or its Affiliates to advise Debtor
or its Affiliates with respect to their business or financial prospects,
including, without limitation, Lincoln Partners LLC (individually, an
"Investment Banker" and collectively, the "Investment Bankers"), and provide a
duplicate original thereof to Agent, that Debtor (a) consents to Agent and the
Lenders communicating with such Investment Bankers for the purpose of being
advised by, discussing with, such Investment Bankers, the Investment Bankers'
timeline, process, recommendations and proposals for any asset sales, or the
refinancing of Debtor's indebtedness, or for the recapitalization of Debtor or
any Affiliate, or any other plans for increasing Debtor's equity, reducing the
indebtedness of Debtor and its Affiliates, or otherwise improving the financial
condition or business of Debtor and its Affiliates, and (b) requests such
Investment Bankers to provide such information to the Agent and the Lenders.

     4. Debtor agrees to provide to the Agent and the Lenders promptly upon
receipt thereof (i) a copy of any revisions to its term sheet, or any
replacement term sheet, from Congress Financial Corp. ("CF") for the revolving
credit facility for which the Debtor has applied; (ii) a copy of any commitment
letter issued by CF to Debtor, or any other term sheet commitment for financing
received from any other lender; and (iii) a satisfactory consent letter from the
Debtor to the Agent and the Lenders allowing the Agent and the Lenders to review
and discuss with CF, or such other lender, the status, nature and timing of such
proposed or committed financing.

     5. On or before March 15, 2002, the Debtor shall execute and deliver to
Agent, a satisfactory Assignment of Leases and Rents covering the Debtor's
facility in Arab, Alabama, and a true, correct and complete copy of all leases
in effect with respect to the Arab Facility.

     B. Amendments. Debtor, the Agent and the Lenders agree that upon Debtor's
appropriate satisfaction of, or agreement to, the conditions set forth in
Section A above, the Agreement and the Schedule are amended in the following

        1. Section 2.1(a) and (b) of the Agreement are hereby deleted in their
entirety and replaced by the following:

        "2.1(a) REVOLVING CREDIT. Each Lender severally, but not jointly, agrees
        subject to the terms of this Agreement, but in their sole discretion, to
        lend their Pro-Rata Share of the maximum amount of Advances ("Maximum
        Limit") at any one time outstanding as set forth in Item 1 of the
        Schedule. Between the Debtor and any Lender, nothing in this Agreement
        or the Schedule shall obligate any Lender to make any Advance to Debtor
        except in the sole discretion of Lender.

        (b) REQUESTS FOR AN ADVANCE. From time to time, Debtor may make a
        written or oral request for an Advance, so long as the sum of the
        aggregate principal balance of outstanding Advances to Debtor and the
        requested Advance does not exceed the Borrowing Capacity, and each
        Lender shall determine in its sole discretion whether to make such
        requested Advance, but will not make any Advance if (i) the Borrowing
        Capacity would be exceeded; (ii) there has occurred an Event of Default
        or an event which, with notice or lapse of time or both, would
        constitute an Event of Default; or (iii) the representations and
        warranties contained in this Agreement and in the other Transaction
        Documents are not true and correct on the date such requested Advance is
        to be made as though made on and as of such date. Notwithstanding any
        other provision of this Agreement, Agent may from time to time reduce
        the percentages applicable to the Receivables Borrowing Base and
        Inventory Borrowing Base as they relate to amounts of IEC Borrowing
        Capacity if Agent determines, in its reasonable judgment, that there has
        been a material change in circumstances related to any or all
        Receivables or Inventory of Debtor from those circumstances in existence
        and known to Agent on or prior to the date of Amendment No. 6 to this
        Agreement, or in the financial or other condition of Debtor. Each oral
        request for an Advance shall be conclusively presumed to be made by a
        person authorized by Debtor to do so, and the making of the Advance to
        Debtor as herein provided shall conclusively establish Debtor's
        obligation to repay the Advance. In no event shall a Lender be obligated
        to fund more than its Pro-Rata Share of any requested Advance."

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     2. Item 1 of the Schedule to the Agreement is hereby deleted in its
entirety as of the date hereof and replaced by the following:

        "1. Borrowing Capacity 1.1(e))
            Borrowing Capacity at any time shall be the net amount determined by
        taking the lesser of the following amounts:

        (A) The applicable Maximum Limit of $5,000,000;


        (B) The amount equal to the sum of the IEC Borrowing Capacity (as
        defined below)

        and subtracting from the lesser of (A) and (B) above, the sum of (a)
        banker's acceptances, plus (b) letters of guaranty, plus (c) Letters of

            'IEC Borrowing Capacity' at any time shall be the amount equal to
        the sum of:

            (i) up to 85% of the IEC Receivables Borrowing Base; and

            (ii)the amount of the IEC Inventory Borrowing Base; provided
                however, for calculation purposes, in no event shall the amount
                of the IEC Inventory Borrowing Base be greater than $1,500,000.

            Nothing herein shall detract from the discretionary nature of any
        Advances requested, or made, under this Agreement."

     3. Item 18(g) of the Schedule to the Agreement is hereby deleted in its
entirety and replaced with the following new text:

        "(g) Pricing Grid - Advances and Term Loan. The applicable rates of
     interest to be charged during each time period listed below for each Prime
     Rate Loan and Libor Loan made or outstanding hereunder as an Advance or
     under the Term Note are listed below:

                                 PRICING GRIDS

        A. ADVANCES
           Period               Prime Rate Option       Libor Rate Option

           2/28/02 - 3/15/02    Prime Rate plus 1%      None

        B. TERM LOAN
           Period               Prime Rate Option       Libor Rate Option

           2/28/02 - 3/15/02    Prime Rate plus 11/4%   None

     4. Item 32 of the Schedule to the Agreement is hereby deleted in its
entirety and replaced with the following new text:

        "Initial Term: To expire on March 15, 2002
        Renewal Term: NONE"

     5. Debtor acknowledges that Debtor intends to refinance the Advances and
the Term Loans under the Agreement with one or more different lenders on or
before the expiration of the Initial Term as amended herein, and agrees that,
upon such payment of the Advances under the Agreement, the Term Notes of the
Debtor dated December 28, 1999 in favor of the Lenders become due and payable by
the terms thereof since such financing would not come from internally generated
funds in the ordinary course of business.

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     D. Reaffirmations.

        1. The Agreement, except as specifically modified hereby, shall remain
in full force and effect and Debtor hereby reaffirms the Agreement, as modified
by this Amendment, and all collateral and other documents executed and delivered
to Agent and the Lenders in connection with the Agreement.

        2. IEC-Mexico and IEC-FSC, by their execution hereof, consent hereto and
hereby reaffirm the execution and delivery of their respective Guaranties dated
December 28, 1999 and each agrees that its respective guaranty shall continue in
full force and effect and shall be applicable to all indebtedness, obligations
and liabilities of Debtor to Agent and the Lenders, including without
limitation, all indebtedness evidenced by or arising under the Agreement, as
modified by this Amendment.

     E.      Other Provisions.

        1. Debtor agrees to pay on demand by Agent all expenses of Agent,
including without limitation, fees and disbursements of counsel for Agent, in
connection with the transactions contemplated by this Amendment, the
negotiations for and preparation of this Amendment and any other documents
related hereto, and the enforcement of the rights of Agent and the Lenders under
the Agreement as amended by this Amendment.

        2. This Amendment shall be governed by and construed under the internal
laws of the State of New York, as the same may from time to time be in effect,
without regard to principles of conflicts of law.

        Agreed to as of the date first set forth above.

IEC ELECTRONICS CORP.                   HSBC BANK USA, as Agent
as Debtor

By:   /s/ Richard L. Weiss              By:  /s/ Vincent J. Harper
   ________________________________     _________________________________
   Richard L. Weiss, Vice President        Vincent J. Harper
   and Chief Financial Officer             First Vice President

CORPORATION, as a Lender

By:  /s/ Donald J. Cavanagh             By:  /s/ Vincent J. Harper
     ____________________________       ________________________________
Name:    Donald J. Cavanagh                Vincent J. Harper
         Duly Authorized Signatory         First Vice President


as Guarantor                            CORPORATION, as Guarantor

By:  /s/ Richard L. Weiss               By: /s/ Richard L. Weiss
   ________________________________     ________________________________
   Richard L. Weiss, Director              Richard L. Weiss, Vice President
                                           and Chief Financial Officer

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