Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney

by Chinanet Online Holdings
July 2nd, 2009

本人,程汉东,中国公民,身份证号码为[      ],系拥有北京中网在线广告有限公司(“中网在线”)46%的股权(本人股权)的股东,就本 人股权,特此不可撤销地授权京扬世纪科技发展(北京)有限公司“WOFE”)在本授权委托书的有效期内行使如下权利:
I, CHENG Handong, a Chinese citizen with Chinese Identification Card No.:[    ], and a holder of 46% of the entire registered capital in Beijing CNET Online Advertising Co., Ltd., ("CNET Online") ("My Shareholding"), hereby irrevocably authorize Rise King Century Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“WOFE”) to exercise the following rights relating to My Shareholding during the term of this Power of Attorney:

 授权WOFE作为本人唯一的排他的代理人就有关本人股权的事宜全权代表本人行使包括但不限于如下的权利:1)参加中网在线的股东会;2)行使按照法律和中网在线章 31243;规定本人所享有的全部股东权和股东表决权,包括但不限于出售或转让或质押或处置本人股权的全部或任何一部分;以及3)作为本人的授权代表指定和任命中网在线法定代表人(执行董事)、监事、总经理以及其他高级管理人员等。
WOFE is hereby authorized to act on behalf of myself as my exclusive agent and attorney with respect to all matters concerning My Shareholding, including without limitation to: 1) attend shareholders' meetings of CNET Online; 2) exercise all the shareholder's rights and shareholder's voting rights I am entitled to under the laws of China and CNET Online's Articles of Association, including but not limited to the sale or transfer or pledge or disposition of My Shareholding in part or in whole; and 3) designate and appoint on behalf of myself the legal representative (executive director), the supervisor, the chief executive officer and other senior management members of CNET Online.

WOFE将有权在授权范围内代表本人签署独家购买权合同(本人应要求作为合同方)中约定的转让合同,如期履行本人作为合同一方的与本授权委托书同日签署的股权质押合同和独家购买权合同,该权利的行使将不对本授权形 5104;任何限制。
Without limiting the generality of the powers granted hereunder, WOFE shall have the power and authority under this Power of Attorney to execute the Transfer Contracts stipulated in Exclusive Option Agreement, to which I am required to be a party, on behalf of myself, and to effect the terms of the Share Pledge Agreement and Exclusive Option Agreement, both dated the date hereof, to which I am a party.

All the actions associated with My Shareholding conducted by WOFE shall be deemed as my own actions, and all the documents related to My Shareholding executed by WOFE shall be deemed to be executed by me.  I hereby acknowledge and ratify those actions and/or documents by WOFE.

WOFE is entitled to re-authorize or assign its rights related to the aforesaid matters to any other person or entity at its own discretion and without giving prior notice to me or obtaining my consent.

This Power of Attorney is coupled with an interest and shall be irrevocable and continuously valid from the date of execution of this Power of Attorney, so long as I am a shareholder of CNET Online.

During the term of this Power of Attorney, I hereby waive all the rights associated with My Shareholding, which have been authorized to WOFE through this Power of Attorney, and shall not exercise such rights by myself.

This Power of Attorney is written in Chinese and English; in case there is any conflict between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.
CHENG Handong
By: /s/ Handong Cheng                               
October 8, 2008

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October 8, 2008