Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement

Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (Erpa)

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Exhibit 10.16



(the "Purchaser")


740 St Maurice suite 102
Montreal, Qc H3C1L5
Tel : 5148763907
Fax: 5148764080
Email: trivutruong@ecolocap.com

President-CEO : Dr. Tri Vu Truong


(the " DAM’ BOR HYDRO POWER - CDM Project Proponent”)., henceforth



Address: No.3 Bis A, Co Giang st, Ward 9, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province
Telephone: (084) 063-3824041
Fax: (084) 063-3550298
Email: ctcpdienbaotan@yahoo.com
Account number: 64110000417879 Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
(VIDV), Lam Dong branch Tax Code: 5800540645

President-CEO: Dinh Van Tung

Both parties have agreed to sign the Reduction Emission Purchase Agreement (Agreement) with the following terms and conditions:

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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Interpretation and Definitions 
In this Agreement, unless otherwise required by the context, all capitalized terms shall have the meaning 
set forth in the definitions below. 
Agreement:  Means this Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement. 
Annex B Countries: Means the countries listed in Annex B to the Kyoto Protocol having committed 
  themselves to reduce or limit their GHG emissions. 
Annex I Countries:  Means the parties to the UNFCCC listed in Annex I thereto (Annex I consists of 
  industrial countries and countries in transition). 
Anticipated Emission  Means up to 24,000 (twenty four thousand) Certified Emission Reductions 
Reduction:  (CERs) per annum during the Crediting Period, anticipated to be generated by the 
  Project and calculated in accordance with the Kyoto Rules. 
Baseline:  Means the scenario that reasonably represents the anthropogenic emissions of 
  GHG that would occur in the Host Country in the absence of the Project, 
  determined in accordance with the Kyoto Rules. 
Business Day:  Means a day on which banks are open for general business in Vietnam. 
Carbon Dioxide  Means a metric measure used to compare the emissions of various GHG based 
Equivalent:  upon their global warming potential. 
Certification:  Means the written confirmation by an Operational Entity of an Emission 
  Reduction resulting from a CDM project and having passed the Verification 
  procedure according to the Kyoto Rules. 
Certified Emission  Means a unit of Emission Reduction issued pursuant to Article 12 of the Kyoto 
Reduction (CER):  Protocol and the requirements of the Kyoto Rules (including Certification), equal 
  to one metric ton of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent resulting from a CDM project. 
Clean Development  Means the flexible mechanism established by Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol 
Mechanism (CDM):  providing for Annex I Countries to implement projects that reduce emissions in 
  non-Annex I Countries in return for CERs and assist the non-Annex I Countries 
  in achieving sustainable development and contributing to the ultimate objective 
  of the UNFCCC. 
Crediting Period:  Means, until December 31, 2026. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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Emission Reduction:  Means reduction in emission of GHG achieved, calculated in accordance with the 
  Kyoto Rules. 
Executive Board:  Means the international authority elected by the representatives of the parties to 
  the Kyoto Protocol responsible for monitoring the CDM process. 
First Commitment  Means October 30, 2008 until December 31, 2012. 
Force Majeure:  Means any circumstance or condition beyond the control of either party to this 
  Agreement affecting the performance of its obligations under this Agreement 
  including in particular wars, insurrection, natural disaster or equivalent 
Greenhouse Gases  Means the six gases listed in Annex A to the Kyoto Protocol including CO2 , CH4 , 
(GHG):  N2 O, HFCs, PFCs and SF6 
Host Country:  Vietnam 
Kyoto Protocol:  Means the protocol to the UNFCCC adopted at the third conference of the parties 
to the UNFCCC in Kyoto, Japan, on December 11, 1997.  
Kyoto Rules:  Means the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, the Bonn agreement, the Marrakesh 
  Accords, any relevant decisions, guidelines, modalities and procedures made 
  pursuant to them and/or any succeeding international agreements as amended 
  and/or supplemented from time to time and which include those rules specifically 
required to be met for the issuing and transfer of CERs.  
DNA  Means the designated National Authority for the CDM in Viet Nam – 
  Responsible for receiving, assessing and submitting CDM project Idea Note 
  (PIN) or Project Design Document (PDD) developed by project participants to 
  the Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). 
Letter of Approval  Means a binding approval of the Project by the Host Country together with an 
(LOA):  approval of the transfer of CERs. 
Monitoring Report:  Means an annual report to be provided by Owner setting out the total number of 
  Emission Reductions generated by the Project during the previous year according 
  to the Kyoto Rules, international Monitoring rules and the PDD. 
Monitoring:  Means the collection and record of data allowing the assessment of reductions in 
  GHG emissions resulting from the Project conducted in accordance with the 
  Kyoto Rules. 
Designated  Means an independent entity accredited by the Executive Board being the 
Operational Entity  executive body for CDM and inter alias responsible for determining whether a 
(DOE):  project and the resulting Emission Reductions meet the requirements of Article 
  12 of the Kyoto Protocol. 
Project Idea Note  Means a brief description providing information on the CDM Project considered 
(PIN)  by DNA. In case of permission to list the PIN of the project into the CDM 
  potential projects in Viet Nam, DNA shall issue Endorsement letter for the 
  project and allow to formulate PDD. 
Project Design  Means a detailed description of the Project to be submitted for Validation 
Document (PDD):  prepared in accordance with the Kyoto Rules, the UFG and the Directive and 
  attached as Annex [iv]. The Purchaser will be responsible for providing PDD 
  development for Registration of the Project. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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Project:  Means the proposed CDM project described in the PDD and other documents 
  describing the implementation and economics of the Project attached in Annex 
Registration:  Means the official registration of a CDM project by the Executive Board 
  according to the Kyoto Rules. 
UNFCCC:  Means the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change adopted in 
  New York on May 9, 1992. 
Unit Price:  Means the price payable by Purchaser to Project Proponent per Certified 
  Emission Reduction (CER) unit: 
  The purchase unit price paid by EcoloCap Solutions Canada Inc. to Viet Nam 
  Project Proponent for the CER is fixed at (12)$US/CE for the year 2008 to 2012 
  and a new agreement for purchase unit price will be negotiated for the next two 
  periods of extension. 
  The amount paid to the Viet Nam Project Proponent for the total certified CER 
  generated from this project is fixed at (85)% of the total value of CER calculated 
  at this above mentioned purchase price ($(12)US). 
  For the first payment, a one time amount of (75,000)US) will be paid to Ecolocap 
  Solutions Inc for the reimbursement to Ecolocap for its advance cash for the costs 
  relating to CDM process. Other expenses will be paid by Ecolocap. 
Term:  Ecolocap Solutions inc will purchase certified CER generated by this project for 
  the year 2008 to 2012 with options of extension for two other periods of 7 years, 
  the period 2013-2026, with the same terms and conditions except for the price 
  which will be renegotiated. 
Validation:  Means the assessment of the PDD, including the Baseline, by an Operational 
Entity, determining its compliance with the Kyoto Rules.  
Verification:  Means the periodic independent review and ex post determination of the 
  monitored reductions in GHG emissions that the Project has achieved during a 
  specified period of time by an Operational Entity in accordance with the Kyoto 
  Rules. The project's owner will be Responsible for providing periodical 
Unless otherwise specified, references to clauses are to clauses of this Agreement, references to legal 
provisions are references to such provisions as in effect from time to time, use of a gender includes any 
gender and use of the plural includes the singular and vice versa where the context requires. 
All headings and titles are inserted for convenience only and shall not be deemed part of this Agreement or 
taken into consideration in its interpretation. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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1.   Preamble 
  The DaM’ Bor Hydro Power Project, in Loc Bac ward – Bao Lam district – Lam Dong 
  Province, belongs to Bao Tan Hydro Electric Joint-Stock Company Owner, which was approved 
  to establish the feasibility study according to Decision No 8154/UBND dated on November 21, 
  2007 by the Chairman of Lam Dong province People Committee. Overview of the project is 
  described in the feasibility Study attached as Annex [iii], 
2. Contractual Obligations 
2.1. Anticipated Emission Reductions 
2.1.1. Upon Registration of the Project, Purchaser shall endeavor to implement the Project in 
  accordance with the PDD and other documents describing the implementation and economics of 
  the project attached in [Annex iv] at its own risk and expense (Annex ii). It is hereby 
  acknowledged and agreed between the parties hereto that Purchaser does not warrant the 
  generation of, and is not obliged to generate, any CERs, whether by the Project or otherwise. 
2.1.2. If the Project generates CERs, during the crediting period Project Proponent shall, to the extent 
  it is legally possible and permissible, exclusively transfer to Purchaser all rights (and, to the 
  extent legally possible and permissible, legal title) which Project Proponent may have in the 
  Anticipated Emission Reductions. 
2.1.3. Purchaser shall pay to Project Proponent the Unit Price for each Anticipated Emission 
  Reduction generated by the Project and in which the Project Proponent's rights are transferred to 
  Purchaser in accordance with clause 3 below. 
2.2.6. Purchaser shall pay to Project Proponent a price equal to the Unit Price for each Additional 
  Emission Reduction in respect of which Purchaser has accepted such offer. 
2.2. Emission Reductions generated after the Crediting Period 
  If the Project generates any Certified Emission Reductions after the Crediting Period. Purchaser 
  shall enter into negotiations with Project Proponent with a view to concluding an agreement on 
  the purchase of such Certified Emission Reductions based on the principles of this Agreement 
but amended in order to reflect the international and/or national rules then applicable.
2.3. Production Check 
2.3.1. Obligation of Purchaser: 
To comply with standards and requirements of Vietnam government related to CDM.  
2.3.2. To satisfy the rules and the requirements of Kyoto Protocol; 
2.3.3. To meet the requirements of validation, monitoring, verification and CDM procedure issued by 
2.3.4. The Project Proponent shall be responsible to provide necessarily appropriate and real 
  information for the project implementation (Annex I, ii, iii, iv) 
2.3.5. The Product/Project shall be considered to be successful only when Purchaser receive amount of 
  money as being mentioned in this agreement. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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2.4. Schedule for CDM procedure 
2.4.1. Upon the signature of the ERPA contract, Purchaser shall develop the Project Idea Note (PIN) 
  and send it to Project Proponent for submitting to Department of Resources and Environment of 
  Viet Nam (DONRE) with all necessary legal documents. The DONRE’s endorsement letter shall 
  be done expectedly within a month. 
2.4.2. After having the endorsement letter of PIN from DONRE, Purchaser shall submit the Project 
  Design Document (PDD) of the Project with all necessary legal documents to DONRE for 
  appraisal and approval within 2-3 months. The PDD of the Project which has been written by 
  consultant shall also be considered and revised by Purchaser during this period of time. 
2.4.3. The Purchaser’s consultant shall improve and edit the PDD within one month, following the oral 
  presentation of the PDD of the Project to DONRE, in order to get DNA’s Approval letter [Letter 
  of Approval (LOAN)] 
2.4.4. Validation report shall completed by Designated Operational Entity (DOE) and the Purchaser’s 
  consultant within the period of 3-4 months after DNA’s approval. 
2.4.5. After meeting the requirements of validation by DOE, CDM project will be submitted to 
  Executed Board (EB) for final appraisal and approval within the period of 2-3 months. 
2.4.6. Following the first verification of DOE for the implementation of the CDM project and the 
  monitoring of GHG reduction, the CER’s certificate will be issued by EB. 
3. Transfer 
  Transfer to Purchaser of all the rights (and, to the extent legally possible and permissible, legal 
  title) which Project Proponent may have in a Certified Emission Reduction shall have occurred 
  upon the transfer of a CER’s certificate from the register of the Executive Board to a register in 
  favor of Purchaser. This transfer shall be made immediately as soon as the EB officially 
  approved the Project registration. 
4. Payment 
4.1. Payment for Certified Emission Reductions 
4.1.1. Payment by Purchaser to Project Proponent for the Certified Emission Reductions shall be made 
  within 50 Business Days after the CER’s certificate is delivered to Purchaser. Purchaser shall 
  transfer money into the account of Project Proponent, after the CER certificate is issued by the 
  EB following each monitoring realized by the DOE. 
4.1.2. All payments shall be made through the account of Ecolocap which has been registered for the 
  Project when the PDD is submitted to EB for approval. This account is in the EB’s common 
4.1.3. All payments shall be made in US Dollars. 
4.2. Cost and Expenses 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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4.2.1. Subject to clause 4.2.2 below, all taxes, fees, costs or other expenses in connection with the 
  Registration and the transfer of CERs shall be borne by Purchaser including VAT, if any, 
  according to VAT law applied in Vietnam. 
4.2.2. The share of the proceeds from CERs generated by the Project which will be used to cover 
  necessary administrative expenses and/or to assist developing countries that are particularly 
  vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change to meet the costs of adaptation (if any) 
  according to the Kyoto Rules shall be divided respectively in a proportion of 85% and 15% 
  between Project Proponent and Purchaser. 
4.2.3. The project Proponent should provide necessary information to the Purchaser for the preparation 
  of documents required for PIN (project idea note), PDD (project design document), the 
  validation, the verification/certification, and the registration with CDM Executive Board (Annex 
  i). All costs accrued to each of the Parties in negotiating, preparing, executing and carrying into 
  effect of this Agreement, shall be borne by each of the Parties themselves. 
5. Termination and Remedies 
  Either Party (the "Non-defaulting Party") shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement by 
  written notice to the other Party with immediate effect if any of the following events occurs: 
5.1.1. The other Party commits a breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement and, in the case 
  of a breach capable of being remedied, such breach remains for more than 30 Business Days 
  after it has been requested in writing by the Non-defaulting Party to remedy the breach; or 
5.1.2. The other Party goes into liquidation (whether voluntary or otherwise), is unable to pay 
  its debts as they fall due, is wound up, makes any compromise, composition or other 
  arrangement with its creditors generally, or becomes subject to any administration 
5.2. Force Majeure 
  Should either Party be impeded wholly or in part from fulfilling any of its obligations under the 
  Agreement for reasons of Force Majeure, such obligation shall be suspended to the extent and 
  for as long as such obligation is affected by Force Majeure and the impeded Party shall be 
  entitled to such extension of time as may be reasonably necessary. 
  Either Party shall notify the other Party of the existence and date of beginning of an event of 
  Force Majeure that is likely to impede its performance under the Agreement within 20 Business 
  Days after having obtained knowledge of any such event. Either Party shall likewise advise the 
  other of the date when such event ended and shall also specify the re-determined time by which 
  the performance of its obligations hereunder is to be completed. 
  Project Proponent and Purchaser shall consult with each other with a view of determining any 
  further appropriate action if a condition of Force Majeure is to continue after 20 Business Days 
  from the date of giving notice thereof. 
  Neither Party shall be liable for damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any 
  delay in performing hereunder if such delay is caused by Force Majeure; provided, however, 
  that the non-impeded Party shall be entitled to terminate such part of the Agreement that 
  remains unfulfilled, if the condition of Force Majeure is to continue after 6 months from the 
  date of giving notice thereof. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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6. Change in Circumstances 
  If any change in circumstances (i.e. a change of scientific basics or applicable standards relating 
  to the Baseline methodology and/or the applicable criteria for Verification and Certification of 
  the resulting Emission Reductions) occurs which substantially affects the Project, the parties to 
  this Agreement shall enter into negotiations with a view to adapt the Project and its 
  implementation or any relevant provision of this Agreement, as may be necessary or useful. A 
  change in circumstances shall in no event be considered substantially affecting the Project if at 
  least 50% of the Anticipated Emission Reductions can be generated. 
  The parties to this Agreement shall cooperate and make their best efforts to enable the 
  continuation of the Project in accordance with the new circumstances and to achieve the 
  generation and transfer of the Anticipated Emission Reductions. 
  If any of the documents related to the Project and submitted at any time during the term 
  of this Agreement fails to be approved by such authority whose approval is required 
  under the Kyoto Rules or otherwise appears to be non-compliant with any relevant 
  standards or conditions of the Kyoto Rules, Project Proponent and Purchaser shall 
  discuss whether or not the relevant documents are to be revised and resubmitted. 
7. Conditions Precedent 
  This Agreement shall enter into force upon satisfaction of the following conditions precedent: 
  Conclusion of a binding agreement with the Host Country. 
8. Miscellaneous 
8.1. Assignment and subcontracting 
  Because the interests of Project Proponent is paid by Purchaser, Project Proponent shall not, 
  without the written consent of Purchaser, assign or transfer the Agreement or the benefits or 
  obligations thereof or any part thereof to any other person. 
  Purchaser may transfer any of its rights or obligations under the ERPA to any third party 
  (“assignee”) without consent of Project Proponent. However, Purchaser shall inform Project 
  Proponent for these transfers if any. Rights and obligations between Purchaser and Project 
  Proponent remain the same after the transfer. 
  Within 90 business days before the first commitment period come to an end, both parties shall 
  renegotiate to continue the agreement. If over 30 days, starting the day on which the first 
  commitment period ends, both Parties can not come to an agreement. Project Proponent has full 
  power to assign the Agreement to any other person without legal ties from Purchaser. 
8.2. Confidentiality and Disclosure 
  The parties shall treat as confidential all information obtained as a result of entering into or 
  performing this Agreement which relates to the provisions of this Agreement, the negotiations 
  relating to this Agreement and the subject matter of this Agreement. 
  No Party shall disclose any such confidential information to any third party, except in those 
  circumstances where disclosure is required in order to comply with any laws or regulations, 
  including without limitations the Kyoto Rules. 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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8.3 Notices 
  Any communications to be made under or in connection with this Agreement shall be made in 
  writing (including by facsimile) to the address or facsimile number, from time to time 
  designated by the Party to whom the communication is to be made to the other Party for that 
  A communication shall only be considered as legal effedt if it is posted and confirmed by both 
8.4 Entire Agreement 
  This Agreement embodies the whole and only agreement of the parties with respect to the 
  subject matter hereof, and no prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreement or 
  understanding shall be deemed to constitute a part of this Agreement, unless expressly referred 
  to herein, or attached hereto, or specifically incorporated by reference herein. The Annexes and 
  schedules to this Agreement constitute integral parts of this Agreement and shall therefore be 
  deemed part of this Agreement. 
8.5 Amendments 
  This Agreement may only be amended with the written consent of the parties hereto. 
8.6 Severability 
  If any part or provision of the Agreement is or becomes illegal, void or unenforceable in any 
  respect, the remaining parts or provisions shall not be affected or impaired. Any deficiency in 
  the Agreement resulting there from shall be amended by way of interpretation of the Agreement 
  having due regard to the parties intent. 
8.7 Governing law 
  This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law excluding its 
  rules on conflicts of laws. 
8.8 Jurisdiction 
  The Parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts having jurisdiction in 
  commercial matters in Singapore with regard to all disputes arising out of or in connection with 
  this Agreement, its violation, termination or nullity. 
8.9 Counterparts 
  This Agreement shall be executed in two counterparts with one copy for Project Proponent and 
  one for Purchaser. If there are any discrepancies between the English and the Vietnamese 
  version, the English version will prevail . 

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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WHEREOF the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement as
outlined above, this 5th day of August 2008, in the presence of:


                                                         DR. TRI VU TRUONG 
                                                        President CEO : Dr. Tri Vu Truong   
Project Proponent:  
                                                      DINH VAN TUNG   
                                                        General Director: Dinh Van Tung   
Witness No 1  Witness No 2 
MSc. Bui Thi Lan Huong  Nguyen Uy Hung 
Biology Energy-Waste Treatment  Vietnam 
(Vietnam) Ltd.

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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1. The salient features of DaM’ Bor Hydro Power Project in Loc Bao Commune, Bao Lam
District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

No  Parameters  Symbols Units Value 
1  Catchment area  F km2 22.11 
2  Long-term average annual rainfall  Xo mm 1353 
3  Average flow  Q0 m3/s 0.863 
4  Total amount of average annual flow  W0 106m3/yr 27.22 
5  Specific runoff  M0 l/s.km2 42.91 
6  Normal water level  MNDBT m 632.00 
7  Dead water level  MNC m 629.6 
8  Designated Flood water level  MNLTK m 634.79 
9  Verified flood water level  MNLKT m 635.30 
10  Surface area with normal water level  F Km2 0.11 
11  Designed head  Hu m 334.48 
12  Msximum Head  Hmax m 340.45 
13  Minimum head  Hmin m 332.48 
14  Average head  Hbq m 337.38 
15  Designed discharge  QTK m3/s 3.60 
16  Designed flood discharge p = 1.0%  Q1.0% m3/s 198.00 
17  Designed flood discharge p = 0.2%  Q0.2 m3/s 258.00 
18  Firm flow with capacity 85%  Q85 m3/s 0.70 
19  Maximum flow    m3/s 3.60 
20  Installation capacity  Nlm MW 9.60 
21  Elevation of machine installation    M 285.00 
22  Firm capacity P 85%  Ndb MW 2.64 
23  Number of united  Z Unit 3 
24  Capacity of each unit    KW 3200 
25  Firm Electricity generation  Edb 106kWh   
26  Estimated Annual Electricity generation  Eo 106kWh 42.75 
27  Estimated Annual Operation Hours  Hsd H 4453.00 
28  Annual estimation of the emission reduction, tCO2 eq  CERs tCo2 eq 24,000 
29  Is it run off river hydropower plant?     Yes/No Yes 
30 Type of Hyddro power plant?   Ground/

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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31 Type of Turbine?     CJA237-W
  32 New hydropower project with reservoirs having
power densities (installed capacity devided by the
surface area at full reservoir level) greater than 4
  Yes/No Yes
33  Elevation of dam from foundation     m  
 34  Kind of dam         Gravity Dam
35  Elevation of dam     m 636.50
36  Maximum elevation of dam       13.60
37  Breadth of dam     m 12.79
38  Spillway discharge     m3/S  258.00
39  Reservoir volume     106m3 0.06
40  Reservoir surface?     ha 1.13
41  Useful reservoir volume     106m3 0.03
42  Dead reservoir volume     106m3 0.03
43 Geological and hydrogeological risk assessment has
been performed? (If yes, please provide copies
  Yes/No No
44 What is the total areas (upstream and downstream of
the dam) which will be flooded at the maximum
water level of the reservoir? 
  ha 1.57
45  Material mine area     ha 2.00
46  Area of main category construction resettleing     ha 20.00
47 Kind of overflow     Free
48  Dimension     m 20.00
49  Height of overflowed threshold     m 632.00
50  Spillway crest length     m 20.00
  Water inlet          
51  Type of water inlet?        Unpressed
52  Designed discharge  Qtk   m3/s 3.60
53  Valve door  (BxH)  m 2.10 x1.85
54  Screen cleaner – dimension  (BxH)  m 2.65x2.35
  Canal ditch          
55 Type of canal ditch?     Steel
56  Dimension  (D)  m 1.80 x2.20

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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57  Designed discharge  (Q)  m3/s 3.60
58  Length  (L)  m 3658.23
   Pressure pipe          
59 Type of Pressure pipe?     Steel
60  Dimension  (D)  m 1.8x2.2
61  Designed discharge  (Q)  m3/s 3.60
62  Length  (L)  m 3658.23
63 Is there any risk assessment conducted to evaluate
dam breakage on downstream population? 
    Yes/No   No
64 Hydropower plant will put on-line the grid? What is
the distance from dam up to local/national grid for
  km 30.00
65 Which portion of all required infrastructures for dam
construction including access roads, grid connection,
etc/have been built? 
  Yes/No No
 66 Are there any other areas on or around the location
which are important or sensitive for reasons of their
ecology e.g. wetlands, watercourses or other
waterbodies, the coastal zone, mountains, protected
forests or woodlands, which could be affected by the
    Yes/No   No
67 Are there any areas on or around the location which
contain important, high quality or scarce resources
e.g. groundwater, surface waters, forestry,
agriculture, fisheries, minerals, which could be
affected by the project? 
  Yes/No No
68 Is the project location susceptible to earthquakes,
subsidence, landslides, erosion, flooding or extreme
or adverse climatic conditions e.g. temperature
inversions, fogs, severe winds, which could cause the
project to present environmental problems? 
  Yes/No No
 69 Are there existing land uses on or around the location
e.g. homes, other private property, industry,
commerce, historic or cultural importance, public
open space, community facilities, agriculture,
forestry, tourism, mining or quarrying which could be
affected by the project? 



70  Forecast displaced population       Persons No
71 Project has been accepted by all concerned
stakeholders (developer, community, population,
Ministry of Resource Environment or other
governmental agencies) ? (If yes, please provide
copies separately) 
  Yes/No Not yet

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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72  Other client except local / national grid to buy the        Yes/No   No
73  Selling price of electricity?     USD/kw-h 0.0468 
74 Total forecasted investment cost (interest not
  106 USD   215.10
75  Amount in equity currently available?     106USD 58.66 
76 Secured borrow amount? a. VN





77 Borrow secured interest rate(s)? b. Foreign
% 7.50 
  78 If financing has not completed, which amount is
missing to complete financing?
  106USD   57.84
79  What is forecasted IRR of the project without
supplement money of CDM? 
  % 12.02 
80 What is forecasted IRR of the project with
supplement money of CDM? 
  % 15.18
81 What is the forecasted Return On Investment (ROI)
of the project? 
    %   51.84
82 Forecasted financial compensation (land, tree, farm,
property, etc…) 
  106USD   4.00
83 Compensation costs, grid connection costs are all
included in the total investment cost? 
    Yes/No   Yes
84  Investment cost (interest not included) for 1 MW?/     106USD 20.37 
85 Financing characterization
Government subsidy
Government loan

2. Project time schedule.

Year of 2008: Designing technique, level ground.
Year of 2009: Starting construction in beginning of year.
Year of 2010: Generate electricity the first team in June, complete in the end of the year

Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement                                                                                                Page 15 of 17



Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement                                                                                        Page 16 of 17

ANNEX iii:



Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14:

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Initial VN Thermo – Power Generation Rice Husk-CDM Project Proponent:_____Initial Ecolocap Solutions (Canada) inc-14: