Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc Sample Contracts

Underwriting Agreement • December 14th, 2000 • Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc • Telephone communications (no radiotelephone)
EXHIBIT 25-B ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20549 ----------------...
Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc • October 25th, 1995 • Telephone communications (no radiotelephone)

AMSOUTH BANK OF ALABAMA ST. BK: 01-0320 P.O. BOX 11007 FFIEC: 031 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35288 CERT: 02782 CALL DATE: 06/30/95 CONSOLIDATED REPORT OF CONDITION FOR INSURED COMMERCIAL AND STATE-CHARTERED SAVINGS BANKS FOR JUNE 30, 1995 All schedules are to be reported in thousands of dollars. Unless otherwise indicated, report the amount outstanding as of the last business day of the quarter. SCHEDULE RC--BALANCE SHEET