Dealer Sheet Inc Sample Contracts

Dealer Sheet Inc – SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT (December 3rd, 2002)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _______________, 2003 Board of Directors The Dealer Sheet, Inc. 7858 East Long Place Centennial, Colorado 80112 Dear Mr. Lee and Ms. Flowers: In connection with your offer and my purchase of _______ shares of common stock, as described in the Prospectus to which this Subscription Agreement is attached, of The Dealer Sheet, Inc., a Colorado corporation, at a subscription price of $.05 per share (for an aggregate purchase price payable by me of $___________), I hereby represent, warrant, covenant and agree with you that at the time of such offer and purchase and as of the date of this Subscription Agreement: 1. I am over the age of twenty-one years. 2. I represent and warrant that I am