Sky Way Aircraft Inc Sample Contracts

Sky Way Aircraft Inc – AGREEMENT (July 12th, 2002)

Sky Way Global March 24, 2002 AGREEMENT By this letter the Board of Directors, of Sky Way Global, LLC., a Nevada Corporation, do hereby authorize, to Sky Way Aircraft Inc., a Nevada Corporation located at Island Center 2701 North Rocky Point Dr. Suite 1150, Tampa FL 33607, an exclusive license to use Sky Way's high speed, broadband wireless technology worldwide for the private and commercial aircraft industry. This license is good for a period of ten (10) years from above date. It is renewable for five (5) year periods upon agreement by both parties. In return for this exclusive use of technology a five (5%) percent of gross sales Royalty Fee will be paid to Sky Way Global beginning June 1, 2002. The Royalty Fee is to be adjusted every six (6) months and not to exceed thirty (30) percent. The technology will be installed, tested, monitored and maintained under