Juris Travel Sample Contracts

Afv Solutions, Inc. – 2008 NON-QUALIFIED STOCK COMPENSATION PLAN (July 14th, 2008)
Afv Solutions, Inc. – EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (July 17th, 2007)

This Employment Agreement is effective as of June 1, 2007, by and between AFV Solutions, Inc. ("Employer"), and Carlos Zalduondo, ("Executive" and "Employee").

Afv Solutions, Inc. – Exclusive Sales Agreement (March 5th, 2007)

This agreement dated November 05, 2006 is made by and between AFV Solutions USA, a USA corporation, hereinafter referred to as “AFVS and Guangzhou Baolong Group Automotive Manufacturing Corporation, hereinafter referred to as “BAOLONG”, privately owned corporation in the The Peoples Republic of China, represented in this matter by Mr. Yang Long Jiang, Director.

Afv Solutions, Inc. – PURCHASE AGREEMENT AND BILL OF SALE (July 26th, 2006)

THIS PURCHASE AGREEMENT AND BILL OF SALE (this “Agreement”) effective as of June 30, 2006, by and between STALK, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company (“Seller”) and AFV Solutions, Inc., a Nevada corporation (“Buyer”).

Afv Solutions, Inc. – CONSULTING SERVICES AGREEMENT (July 26th, 2006)

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this 30th day of June 2006 and expires on the 31st day of May 2008. It is by and between AFV Solutions, Inc., a Nevada corporation publicly trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol “AFVS” (hereinafter “the Company”) and STALK, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company doing business in Mesa, Arizona (hereinafter “STALK”). The Company and STALK shall hereinafter be referred to collectively as “the Parties”.

Afv Solutions, Inc. – AFV Solutions Acquires Alternative Fuel R&D Facility Wednesday July 12, 8:00 am ET Signs Exclusive Contract with Brian Hoffert AFVS Expanding Alternative Fuel Resources with the Technological Expertise of STALK (July 26th, 2006)

MESA, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 2006--AFV Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: AFVS - News), an alternative fuel vehicle solution provider, has acquired a significant research and development facility from STALK, LLC a leader in Alternative fuel technology development. This acquisition which includes two dynamometer and emissions testing equipped bays, allows AFV Solutions to bring its alternative fuel development programs in-house. This purchase along with contractually securing the alternative fuel products of Innovative Fuel Systems and the engineering services of Brian Hoffert for the exclusive use of AFV Solutions to allow for better service and even more timely response to customers needs.

Afv Solutions, Inc. – Press Release Source: AFV Solutions Inc. (August 9th, 2005)

MESA, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 2005--AFV Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: AFVS - News), a provider of alternative fuel vehicle conversion kits, announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Groscost as AFVS' president, effective immediately. Groscost brings a unique set of skills and valuable experience to help grow AFVS into a world-class company offering what it believes to be industry-leading solutions in the fast growing alternative fuel industry.

Afv Solutions, Inc. – Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation For Nevada Profit Corporations (Pursuant to NRS 78.385 and 78.390 - After Issuance of Stock) (March 24th, 2005)
Dogs International – Press Release Source: Dogs International (June 23rd, 2004)

Dogs International Announces Termination of Agreement with PetsUnited & Request for Termination of Proposed Listing on the Berlin Stock Exchange


FLAGLER BEACH, FL- August 21, 2003- Dogs International (OTC:BB DOGN) today announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire PetsUnited LLC, a pet industry retailer and wholesaler that owns Allpets.com (www.allpets.com) and a wholesale division. The acquisition is subject to finalization of a definitive agreement, due diligence review, and other customary conditions.

Dogs International – August 18, 2003 (August 26th, 2003)
Dogs International – OFFICE LEASE (July 30th, 2003)

This Lease is made and entered into this date by and between ROSEMARY WILLIAMS ("Landlord") and BED AND BISCUIT INNS OF AMERICA, INC., a Nevada Corporation ("Tenant").

Dogs International – OFFICE LEASE (July 24th, 2003)

OFFICE LEASE This Lease is made and entered into this date by and between ROSEMARY WILLIAMS ("Landlord") and BED AND BISCUIT INNS OF AMERICA, INC., a Nevada Corporation ("Tenant"). Landlord hereby leases to Tenant approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of office space ("Premises") located at 408 S. Daytona, Flagler Beach, Florida ("Building") for a term commencing July 1, 2003 and continuing through June 30, 2004 at a Base Rental of $1,200.00 (U.S.) per month payable in advance on the first day of each month commencing July 1, 2003. Landlord and Tenant covenant and agree as follows: Section 1. Rent Payment. Tenant shall pay the Base Rent for the Premises without deduction or offset. Rent for any partial month during the Lease term shall be prorated to reflect the number of days during the month that Tenant occupies the Premises. Rent not paid when due shall bear interest at the rate of one-and-one-half percent per month until pai


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOGS INTERNATIONAL EXECUTES AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE ITS FIRST "BED & BISCUIT INN" Company Press Release LAS VEGAS-- (BUSINESS WIRE)-April 9, 2003-Dogs International (OTC: BB-DOGN) today announced that on April 7th it entered into a Real Estate Acquisition Contract to purchase its first Bed & Biscuit InnT facility in Flagler Beach, Florida. The closing of the Acquisition is subject to final appraisal and the satisfaction of other customary conditions for a transaction of this nature. The Acquisition is anticipated to close within the following 30 days. Following closing, DOGN will hold its annual meeting of stockholders in Las Vegas. Rosemary Williams, owner of the facility, stated, "I am extremely excited about Dogs International's plan for continued acquisitions. We believe that this facility is truly a pet's home away from home and is a primary example of what an upscale pet care facility should be." Situated on approximatel

Dogs International – REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION CONTRACT (April 9th, 2003)

REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION CONTRACT THIS CONTRACT is made and entered into as of the 7th day of April, 2003, by and between ROSEMARY WILLIAMS HARDMAN (SELLER) and DOGS INTERNATIONAL, a Nevada corporation, or its Nominee, (BUYER); W I T N E S S E T H In consideration of the mutual covenants set forth herein, the parties hereby agree as follows: Section 1. Property to be Conveyed. Subject to the terms, provisions and conditions hereinafter set forth, Seller hereby agrees to convey to Buyer, and Buyer hereby agrees to accept from Seller: 1.1 good and indefeasible title in fee simple to those certain tracts or parcels of land situated in Flagler County, Florida ("the Land") as more fully described in Exhibit "A", attached hereto, together with all personal property as more fully described in Exhibit "B" attached hereto and improvements thereon (hereinafter


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered as of March 14, 2003 by and between Juris Travel, a Nevada corporation (the "Company"), and Rosemary Williams, an individual ("Assignor"). 1. Assignment Assignor hereby assigns to the Company exclusively throughout the world all right, title and interest (choate or inchoate) in (i) the subject matter referred to in Exhibit A ("Technology"), (ii) all precursors, portions and work in progress with respect thereto and all works of authorship, mask works, information, know-how, materials and tools relating thereto or to the development, support or maintenance thereof and (iii) all copyrights, patent rights, trade secret rights, trademark rights, mask works rights and all other intellectual and industrial property rights of any sort and all business, contract rights and goodwill in, incorporated or embodied in, used to develop, or related to any of the