Score Group Inc Sample Contracts

Score Group Inc – Business Plan (April 9th, 2002)

Business Plan The SCORE Group has developed a Business Plan to recapitalize and revitalize the Corporation. The main objective of the Corporation will continue to be a balanced energy company comprised of interests in oil and gas exploration and production and electrical power generation. While the current AIGI management has not demonstrated the ability to secure a legitimate financial foundation for the Corporation, the SCORE Group has secured several commitments for its recapitalization. Financing The Corporation currently has negative cash flow and no real prospects for near term income. The SCORE Group has determined that a short-term debt instrument would best provide the necessary capital for investment in those elements of the Business Plan that can provide near term income. Preliminary discussions have been held with several energy financing groups regarding use of the Corporation's interest in the Teawaya Energy Center as collateral for a short-term loan of up to $5,000,0