Tyco Capital Ltd Sample Contracts

Tyco Capital Ltd – Form of Guaranty (November 13th, 2001)

EXHIBIT 4.1 Form of Guaranty 1. GUARANTY. Except as otherwise provided herein, Tyco Capital Ltd. (the "Guarantor") hereby fully and unconditionally guarantees to each registered holder (a "Holder") of a 5 7/8% Note due October 15, 2008 (each a "Security") authenticated and delivered by the Trustee (as defined below), and to the Trustee on behalf of such Holder, the due and punctual payment of the principal of and interest on such Security and all other obligations of Tyco Capital Corporation (the "Issuer") under the Indenture dated as of September 24, 1998 (the "Indenture") between the Issuer and [_______] as trustee (the "Trustee") when and as the same shall become due and in accordance with the terms of such Security and of the Indenture. The Guarantor hereby fully and unconditionally also guarantees to the Trustee the due and punctual payment of all obligations of the Issuer to