Baxtrom & Associates Inc Sample Contracts

Baxtrom & Associates Inc – ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION (February 27th, 2002)

Exhibit 1 ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT TO THE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF BAXTROM & ASSOCIATES, INC. Amendment 1 Pursuant to the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes, the undersigned corporation adopts the following article of amendment to its articles of incorporation: FIRST ARTICLE of the Articles of Incorporation as now filed is stricken in its entirety and the following Article I submitted therefore as if it had been a part of the original Articles of Incorporation; ARTICLE I The complete name of this Corporation is CemTech Industries Limited. SECOND: The date of adoption of this amendment by the shareholders of this corporation is: February 1, 2002. THIRD: The number of shares of the corporation outstanding at the time of adoption of this amendmen