Pure Steel Custom Cycles Inc Sample Contracts

Pure Steel Custom Cycles Inc – MANUFACTURER'S DISTRIBUTOR'S FINANCING AGREEMENT (March 13th, 2002)

MANUFACTURER'S DISTRIBUTOR'S FINANCING AGREEMENT (ONE-STEP) (Consumer Products) The Manufacturer's Distributors Financing Agreement is entered into as of the 16 day of November, 1999, by and between PURE STEEL CUSTOM CYLES, INC. a AZ corporation ("Company") and TRANSAMERICA COMMERCIAL FINANCE CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation ("TCFC"), to set forth some of the terms and conditions under which TCFC will provide financing for certain of the Company's dealers. In consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained, TCFC and Company agree as follows: 1. Definitions. (a) "Approval" herein shall mean, TCFC's agreement, whether orally, in writing or by electronic transmission, so finance the needs of investor by Company to Dealer. (b) "Dealer" herein shall mean any person, firm or corporation which buys inventory at wholesale from Company and sells inventory. (c) "Inventory" herein shall mean any and all products manufactured or sold at wholesale by Company. (d) "Invoice" herein s

Pure Steel Custom Cycles Inc – ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION AGREEMENT (April 2nd, 2001)

ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION AGREEMENT This Advertising and Promotion Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into as of June 13, 2000 by and between Pure Steel Custom Cycles, Inc., an Arizona corporation ("Advertisee'), AZPB Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership, dba Arizona Diamondbacks ("Team"), and AZPB REM Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership ("Real Estate Manager"). RECITALS A. Team owns and operates a Major League Baseball ("MLB") franchise known as the Arizona Diamondbacks, which plays its home games at Bank One Ballpark ("Ballpark"). B. Real Estate Manager, a related entity controlled by Team, controls signage and other advertising at the Ballpark. C. Team produces and distributes the Diamondbacks Magazine/Game Program. D. Team has developed and utilizes a BOB cat mascot ("Mascot"), which will appear and perform at most, if not all, home baseball games played by Team. E. Advertiser wishes to advertise and promote its motorcycle manufacturing business

Pure Steel Custom Cycles Inc – PRODUCT LICENSE AGREEMENT (April 2nd, 2001)

PRODUCT LICENSE AGREEMENT This Agreement is made as of the date of execution hereof between the corporation described in the First Schedule of Appendix "A" attached hereto and made a part hereof (hereinafter called the "Licensor") and the company described in the Second Schedule (hereinafter called the "Licensee"). WHERAS, Licensor has certain rights in and to the trademarks set forth in the Third Schedule (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Penthouse Marks"); WHEREAS, Licensee recognizes that the Penthouse Marks have been used: a. in an internationally distributed magazine (PENTHOUSE) published by Licensor; b. in widespread advertising, publicity, motion pictures and home video productions and allied fields by Licensor, its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter collectively called the "Group"); c. in promotional and advertising material in diverse businesses by the Group; and WHEREAS, Licensee recognizes and acknowledges that the Penthouse Marks are international