Cd Acquisition Corp Sample Contracts

Cd Acquisition Corp – Re: Shareholder Agreement with C.D. Acquisition Corporation (November 8th, 2000)

EXHIBIT 10.1 September 29, 2000 C.D. Acquisition Corporation 506 South 15th Street Bismarck, N. D. 58504 Re: Shareholder Agreement with C.D. Acquisition Corporation Gentlemen: In consideration of the sale of the shares of Common Stock of C.D. Acquisition Corporation (the "Company") to the undersigned (the "Holders"), the Holders hereby represent, warrants, covenants and agrees, for the benefit of the Company and any holders of record (the "third party beneficiaries") of the Company's outstanding securities, including the Company's Common Stock, $.001 par value (the "Stock") at the date hereof and during the pendency of this letter agreement, that the Holders will not transfer, sell, contract to sell, devise, gift, assign, pledge, hypothecate, distribute or grant any option to purchase or otherwise dispose of, directly or indirectly, its shares of Stock of the Company owned beneficially or otherwise by the Holders e