Village at Oakwood Llc Sample Contracts

Village at Oakwood Llc – INDENTURE (August 29th, 2001)

TRUST INDENTURE * Name of Issuer * Trust Number COLONIAL TRUST COMPANY As Trustee TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE I. Capacities of Colonial 1 II. Issue of Bonds and Security 1 III. Description of Bonds and Liens 2 A. Registration of Bonds and Liens 2 B. Bondholders' Pro Rata Lien 2 C. Trustee's Reimbursement Lien 2 IV. Disbursement of Bond Proceeds 3

Village at Oakwood Llc – MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING AGREEMENT (August 29th, 2001)

MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING AGREEMENT THIS MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING AGREEMENT is made effective the 11 day of September, 2000 by and between Village at Oakwood L.L.C. of Oklahoma City, OK. (hereinafter referred to as "Owner"), and PrimeLife Management Company, LLC an Oklahoma corporation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (hereinafter referred to as 'Manager"). WHEREAS, Owner is building a certain assisted living connnunity (hereinafter referred to as "Community") located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and in Oakwood East Add. WHEREAS, Manager is engaged in the business of consulting, developing, managing and marketing retirement housing communities, and WHEREAS, Owner desired to engage Manager, by this Agreement, to provide management services to operate the Community: NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, Owner hereby engages Manager to perform the duties and to provide the services hereinafter described, and Manager