Emporia Systems Sample Contracts

Emporia Systems – LETTER OF INTENT (March 27th, 2003)

LETTER OF INTENT March 13, 2003 To the Shareholders of: Sciteck, Inc. Attn: Jack V. Smith, CEO 317 Rutledge Road Fletcher, NC 28704 Dear Shareholders: This will confirm the agreement in principle between EMPORIA SYSTEMS, a Nevada Corporation (the "Buyer"), and each of you on behalf of SCITECK, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (the "Seller"), and in your own right as shareholders (the "Shareholders") of Seller, in regard to Emporia's proposed purchase, on the terms and conditions set forth below, of substantially all of the shares (the "shares") of Seller. Upon the basis of representation and conditions to be set forth in a definitive written merger agreement (the "Agreement"), Seller shall sell all of it's outstanding shares to buyer (the "Transaction"). The total purchase price (the "Purchase Price") for all Seller's outstanding shares shall be 46,000,000 shares of Buyer having a par value of $0.001. In addi