Dow Target Variable Fund Llc Sample Contracts

Dow Target Variable Fund Llc – MASTER REPURCHASE AGREEMENT (November 25th, 1998)

1 Exhibit (h)(3) STAR BANK, N.A. MASTER REPURCHASE AGREEMENT 1. APPLICABILITY. From time to time the parties hereto may enter into transactions in which Star Bank, N.A., ("Seller") agrees to transfer to the other party to this Agreement ("Buyer") securities or financial instruments ("Securities") against the transfer of funds by Buyer, with a simultaneous agreement by Buyer to transfer to Seller such Securities at a date certain or on demand, against the transfer of funds by Seller. Each such transaction shall be referred to herein as a "Transaction" and shall be governed by this Agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing. FUNDS HELD PURSUANT TO A TRANSACTION ARE NOT A DEPOSIT AND THEREFORE ARE NOT INSURED BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION. 2. DEFINITIONS. (a) "Act of Insolvency", with respect to any person, (i

Dow Target Variable Fund Llc – SERVICE AGREEMENT (September 25th, 1998)

1 Exhibit (h)(4) SERVICE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT, made this twelfth day of October, 1998, by and among DOW TARGET VARIABLE FUND LLC, (the "Fund"), an Ohio limited liability company, OHIO NATIONAL INVESTMENTS, INC. ("Adviser"), an Ohio corporation and THE OHIO NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ("Ohio National Life"), a life insurance company incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio; WHEREAS, Ohio National Life has caused the Adviser to be organized to serve as investment adviser to investment companies and to others; and WHEREAS, the Adviser and the Fund have entered into an Investment Advisory Agreement dated October 12, 1998 whereby the Adviser undertakes to furnish the Fund with investment advisory services and to furnish or pay the expenses of the Fund for certain other services; and WHEREAS, Ohio National Life is willing to make av