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Delta Mills Marketing Inc – LONG TERM INCENTIVE PLAN (December 24th, 1997)

EXHIBIT 10.2 DELTA WOODSIDE INDUSTRIES, INC. LONG TERM INCENTIVE PLAN (Approved by Shareholders on November 6, 1997) OBJECTIVE The objective of the Long Term Incentive Plan (this "Plan" or the "Plan") of Delta Woodside Industries, Inc. (the "Company") is to reward the key executives of the Company (including its subsidiaries) and the non-employee directors of the Company for increasing shareholder value through the growth of the Company's stock price, profitability and/or return on capital employed. The Plan is intended to reward the achievement of projected and better-than-projected stock price increases and/or financial results. It is also intended to assist in the attraction and retention of key executives and to provide them with a significant retirement vehicle. ADMINISTRATION The Plan will be administered by a special committee (the