Rov Holding Inc Sample Contracts

Rov Holding Inc – 8 1/2% SENIOR SUBORDINATED NOTES DUE 2013 (November 6th, 2003)

EXHIBIT 4.3 RAYOVAC CORPORATION 8 1/2% SENIOR SUBORDINATED NOTES DUE 2013 ---------------------- SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE DATED AS OF OCTOBER 24, 2003 TO INDENTURE DATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 ---------------------- U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE ---------------------- SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE (this "SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE") among Rayovac Corporation, a Wisconsin corporation (the "COMPANY"), the Guarantors (as defined in the Indenture referred t

Rov Holding Inc – PROPERTY LEASING AGREEMENT NO. 326-61 0038 (November 6th, 2003)

EXHIBIT 10.16 A D D E N D U M NO. 2 TO PROPERTY LEASING AGREEMENT NO. 326-61 0038 OF 20 DECEMBER 2000 between ROSATA Grundstucks-Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Objekt Dischingen KG, Dusseldorf - hereinafter referred to as "Lessor" - and VARTA Geratebatterie GmbH, Hanover - hereinafter referred to as "Lessee" - With effect as of 10 October 2002, VARTA AG has concluded an agreement concerning the merger of its Consumer Battery Division (GERATEBATTERIE) with Rayovac Corporation, Madison/Wisconsin. The agreement provides that the foreign subsidiary companies of the Lessee were transferred to VARTA AG and to group companies of Rayovac. In Germany the Lessee will continue to be operated as a Joint Venture in which ROV German Limited G