Terra Systems Corp Sample Contracts

Terra Systems Corp – INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT (May 17th, 2007)

================================================================================ INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT THIS INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT is made and entered into as to this ___ day of _______ 2007 ("Agreement'), by and between TERRA SYSTEMS, INC., a Utah corporation (the "Company"), and ______________, ("Indemnitee"). RECITALS WHEREAS, the Company desires to attract and retain the services of highly qualified individuals, such as Indemnitee, to serve as officers and directors of the Company and to indemnify its officers and directors so as to provide them with the maximum protection permitted by law; WHEREAS, the Company and Indemnitee recognize the increasing difficulty in obtaining liability insurance for directors, officers and agents of a corporation at reasonable cost; WHEREAS, the Company and Indemnitee recognize that there has been an increase in litigation against corporate directors, officers and agents; W