Mega Holding Corp Sample Contracts

Mega Holding Corp – IN FEDERAL COAL LEASE NO. C-01538 (November 3rd, 1997)

CONFIRMATION OF OVERRIDING ROYALTY INTEREST IN FEDERAL COAL LEASE NO. C-01538 This Confirmation of Overriding Royalty Interest in Federal Coal Lease No. C-01538 ("Confirmation") is made March 7, 1995, by Powderhorn Properties Company ("Powderhorn") for Frank G. Cooley and Mega Holding Corp. (collectively "Grantees"). Recitals A. The predecessors in interest of Powderhorn and of Grantees entered into an Agreement to Exercise Purchase Option ("GEX Agreement") dated November 20, 1976 (effective as of November 1, 1976) which describes, inter alia, an overriding royalty interest (the "Override") to be paid by General Exploration Co. ("GEX") to the predecessors in interest of Grantees equal to $.50 per ton for each ton of coal mined from certain properties. The GEX Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and incorporated herein by this reference. B. The properties subject