Hawker Resources Inc Sample Contracts

Hawker Resources Inc – 3. PRESS RELEASE: (June 9th, 2003)

Exhibit 4 MATERIAL CHANGE REPORT UNDER SECTION 146(1) OF THE SECURITIES ACT (ALBERTA) (FORM 27) AND UNDER COMPARABLE PROVISIONS OF OTHER PROVINCIAL SECURITIES LEGISLATION 1. REPORTING ISSUER: Hawker Resources Inc. ("Hawker") 500, 340-12th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L5 2. DATE OF MATERIAL CHANGE: April 30,2003 3. PRESS RELEASE: Hawker issued a press release disclosing the nature and substance of the material change on April 30, 2003 through the facilities of CCN Matthews. A copy of such press release is attached hereto as Schedule "A". 4. SUMMARY OF MATERIAL CHANGE: On April 30,2003, 1022971 Alberta Ltd. ("1022971"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hawker, completed a statutory arrangement (the "Arrangement") with Southward Energy Ltd. ("Southward") under the BUSINESS CORPORATIONS AC