American Natural Foods Marketing Inc Sample Contracts

American Natural Foods Marketing Inc – This agreement is between: (February 21st, 1997)

P R E L I M IN A R Y A G R E E M E N T This agreement is between: - INTERPAC INTERNATIONAL, Inc. division of American Natural Food Inc, with offices at 9640 Sunshine Court, G - 700, Beaverton, Oregon 97005, USA and a Vietnamese State owned company which belong to ---------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Minh Hai, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. PROJECT SUMMARY. During the month of July 1996, Mr. Ragnar Lovoll, President of Interpac Corporation, visited, together with representatives from ----------, privately owned and operated prawn farms and hatcheries, and various processing plants belonging to ----------. -------- purchase the product from the farmers for processing, and sells the finished product. Total farming area in the Province is in excess of 120,000 hectares and Minh Hai Province operates 15 processing plants in d

American Natural Foods Marketing Inc – COMMON STOCK PURCHASE WARRANT (February 21st, 1997)

COMMON STOCK PURCHASE WARRANT CERTIFICATE INTERPAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. (A Washington Corporation) This Warrant Certificate having 35,000 Warrants, each Warrant to purchase up to one Share of Common Stock, No Par Value. This certifies that for value received and subject to the provisions hereinafter set forth, O.R. Thorson. or registered assigns, is entitled to purchase at any time commencing on the date 25 April 1996 at 3:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time for three years until the date 25 April 1999 (the "Expiration Date"), from INTERPAC INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Washington corporation, hereinafter called the "Company", 35,000 fully paid and non-assessable shares of Common Stock of the Company (no par value), at a price per share of 50/100 Dollars ($.50) (the "Exercise Price") payable in currency of the United States of America. To the extent not exercised, this Warrant