Dita Inc Sample Contracts

Dita Inc – DISTRIBUTOR AGREEMENT (October 12th, 1999)

dita inc. DISTRIBUTOR AGREEMENT 1) Dita Inc., a Nevada Corporation, Hereinafter referred to as "Manufacturer" and Levante, a corporation duly organized under the laws of Japan, Hereinafter referred to as "Distributor", agree as follows: RECITALS Manufacturer and Distributor intend to enter into this Agreement hereinafter referred to as "Agreement" dated September 1, 1999 for distribution of Dita Inc. products based upon the items two (2) through (14) defined below: 2) TERM: The term of this Agreement hereinafter referred to as "Term", commences on the date of this agreement and expires August 31, 2002. Manufacturer agrees to give Distributor first right of negotiation for an extension of this Agreement only if Distributor has met the minimum order requirements as set forth below (see Attachment "B") and is in full compliance with all the terms of this Agreement. 3) APPOINTMENT: For the Te